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Remote Area First Aid Course (RAFA)

This course is designed for people who work in the outdoors, towns and cities or are involved in outdoor recreation activities. It is a three day (30+ hour) intensive entry level course for managing accidents in a semi-remote area, which fills the niche between urban first aid courses and the more advanced 6 Day Leaders Wilderness First Aid.

Who For: Lodge and office staff, driver guides, rangers, guides and anyone who requires basic Wilderness First Aid skills.

Prerequisites: None.
Course Cost: $140 per person

Course Content:

A. Steps in Accident Management
o Step 1: Take Charge (Self/group)
o Step 2: Safe Approach
o Step 3: Primary Survey (Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Deadly Bleeding)
o Step 4: Shock
o Step 5: Secondary Survey
o Step 6: Planning
o Step 7: Treatment/ Evacuation/ Referral

B. Life Threatening Conditions
o Blocked Airway
o Anaphylaxis
o Chest Injuries
o Heart Conditions
o Deadly Bleed

C. Trauma Conditions/ Management
o Fractures & Splinting
o Limb Splinting
o Drowning
o Head, Spinal Injuries & Pelvic Injury
o Ankle Sprains
o Small Wound Management
o Burns & Blisters

D. Environmental Conditions/ Management
o Hypothermia
o Hyperthermia
o Poisons, Bites & Stings

E. Medical Conditions/ Management
o Diabetes
o Asthma
o Epilepsy/ Stroke
o First Aid Kits

Course Structure:
This course is delivered in a 3 day either residential or non-residential format. It is an intensive course where we work all 3 days plus all nights.
There is assessment on day 3 of the course which consists of a written examination, one practical simulations and a CPR/EAR assessment.

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