"Your guess is as good as mine, but I will say this, any presidential candidate who places the importance of a U.N. endorsement over the necessity for defending our nation from potential threats like the 'Butcher of Baghdad', is madder than any character Alice met at the Wonderland tea party." - Edward L. Daley






Although James Perloff, best known for his highly popular books "The Case Against Darwin" and "Tornado in a Junkyard" writes persuasively in favor of creation and against evolution, he himself has evolved into something completely different -- as evidenced by his new music CD, "Freedom Shall Return."

In a word: If you have traditional values, but also enjoy great pop music, you'll love this unique album.

"I was a child of the '60s," says Perloff. "Back then, there was a huge cultural transformation. Leading that transformation was -- not movies, not poetry, but music, with the Beatles at the helm. Therefore I believe a very important way to renew our culture is through music."

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A weekly review of conservative news and opinion from the nation’s editorial pages

  • The price of socialism: By September, the Canadian army will have only 500 troops available for deployment, fewer soldiers than the National Hockey League has players.

  • Former US president Bill Clinton told the Portuguese Prime Minister in October that he was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction up until the fall of Saddam Hussein. "When Clinton was here recently he told me he was absolutely convinced, given his years in the White House and the access to privileged information which he had.”

  • “Salon's Joe Conason offers the theory that President Bush's idea of a manned mission to Mars is--we're not making this up--about oil, and specifically that Halliburton is eager to drill on Mars.”




“U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman yesterday freed John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot President Reagan, for unsupervised trips from the mental hospital where he has been confined for more than two decades,” reported the Washington Times on Thursday. “Judge Friedman granted the trips over the objections of the U.S. government and the family of the former president.”

Friedman was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton and “served for two years as an associate independent counsel for the Iran-Contra investigation.” Go figure.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: You might want to share your thoughts on Judge Friedman’s decision with a call to his office. (202) 354-3490. _____MORE



Texas coast eyed by terrorists
Law enforcement source suspicious about BASF shooting

 While FBI, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs, the U.S. Coast Guard, state police and local law enforcement sources are publicly downplaying terrorism fears in the shooting of a guard at a BASF Corp. ammonia terminal in Freeport, Texas, some of those same sources are telling Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, off the record, they strongly suspect the guard stumbled into a terrorism reconnaissance operation.

The FBI, state and local law enforcement are all involved in investigating the incident Friday night on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The gunman, described as a dark-complexioned, mustachioed man with dark hair and a thick Middle Eastern accent and a 5 o'clock shadow, was driving a white, club cab, half-ton Chevrolet pickup with black trim at the bottom and dark-tinted windows. The truck had no front license plate. _____MORE




The U.N. Loving Triad of Toadies

By  Edward L. Daley

In September of 2002, while discussing President Bush's policy of preemption on the television program 'Meet The Press', Howard Dean said "Why do we have to do everything in a unilateral way? It's not good for the future of the foreign policy of this country to be the bully on the block and tell people we're going to do what we want to do." In December of the following year, after Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a hole in the ground at a farmhouse just south of Tikrit, Dean made the following statement during a news conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. "This development provides an enormous opportunity to set a new course and take the American label off the war."

I see, so even though it was the current American administration that went to the UN and requested that that organization actually do something for a change instead of just passing more pointless resolutions; and even though it was the American foreign policy of preemptive war against terrorists and the regimes which support them that eventually lead to the overthrow of the Baathist regime in Iraq; and even though it was American soldiers who liberated most of Iraq, including Baghdad, and later hunted down and captured Saddam Hussein; and even though it is more American soldiers, as well as diplomats and private contractors who are primarily responsible for rebuilding Iraq with money contributed by mostly American taxpayers, we need to just forget all that and take the "American label" off the war. ____MORE



“Jeff Gannon’s Washington”

Jeff Gannon, the Washington Bureau Chief and White House Correspondent for Talon News is hosting an Internet radio program each Wednesday on the Radio Free Republic network.

The hour-long weekly program is a mixture of political news analysis and commentary by the host as well as lively exchanges with his guests. Guests have included authors, politicians and other newsmakers going one-on-one with the host.

“Jeff Gannon’s Washington” will occupy the 8:00 EST time slot and can heard at:


The show will be rebroadcast at various times in the week following original broadcast.

Gannon’s website for new analysis and commentary is:





Support America's Armed Forces

Please sign an Open Letter in Support of America's Armed Forces. Millions of Americans enjoyed Christmas and New Year celebrations in peace because our Armed Forces are standing in harm's way around the world. But the new year is upon us and with it will come a political assault on the war against terrorism and those conducting it._____MORE




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