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Wed. 2003.01.08

Hudson Canyon Mapping

Why map the ocean floor? You can't look at it. You can't drive on it. Usually, you can't build on it. But fascinating discoveries await those who map the deep - in places like the undersea Hudson Canyon, off the coast of New York City, in a newly explored region of - Our Ocean World.

Peter Rona, a geologist at Rutgers University, took part in an expedition last summer to map Hudson Canyon, a submerged extension of the Hudson River. It cuts through the continental shelf for three hundred miles until it reaches the ocean floor twelve thousand feet below sea level.

"As soon as we simply stick our little toe in the ocean on the beach we go from a known area to a wilderness. Even though this area is in the backyard of the largest metropolitan area on Earth, it is a true ocean frontier. "

Rona and colleagues found evidence of great landslides. But that's not all.

"We were most impressed by the grandeur of Hudson Canyon. If this were a feature that was on land in sight of everyone, it would be one of the great scenic areas of the world. "

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