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Read the Reviews... "Mystical TTC" is the latest plugin suite by AutoFX. 38 tint, tone, & colour effects all rolled into a slick package. Comes in both Windows & Mac flavours, and is both a standalone program and a Photoshop plugin suite.

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Forum Tutorials:

3D Logo Effect
3D Logo Effect

Here's the latest tute posted in the "Forum Tutorials" board folks! A nice effect for a logo project perhaps, of even a Web site. Lots of example pics and easy instructions. Try it!

Real 3D Type -- using Layer StylesReal 3D Type -- using Layer Styles
Unlike other 3D type effects, this one is a bit different in that it creates 3D type from a 'wide angle' perspective; an effect usually created by 3D programs. This particular effect is VERY simple to achieve in Photoshop though, specifically because of the new "Layer Style" filters found in PS6 & up. It's a great example of just how powerful these filters can be if used creatively.

Torn Edges
Torn Edges

Everyone has a use for this type of effect sooner or later. It's very simply to do, looks great, and can add some spice to your image and photos. Try it!

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Check out what other Photoshop enthusiasts are saying and doing. Ask questions, answer questions, post your art work for review, make some friends! There's a lot we can learn from each other, and a lot who could use a helping hand. I usually check in there once or twice a day myself!

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For those people just starting to learn Photoshop, here's where you'll find some useful information. And as well, there are some tutorials you can do that are geared specifically toward your user level, to help you learn & understand the program better. There's always new info being added here, so check back every now and then.
Have fun!
[PDF versions avaliable in "Downloads" section]

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For those people who have been using Photoshop for more than a few months [4 to 6], here's where you'll find some great tutorials you can do that are geared specifically toward your user level. There's quite a variety, from Text FX to Funky BG Textures, and all are designed to help you develop your creative instincts for using the program.

[PDF versions avaliable in "Downloads" section]
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Creating the NUI
4 very detailed sections on Nav Design.
3 of the 4 sections deals with a specific aspect of designing & creating 'Navigational User Interfaces' (NUI). Starting from initial concept, through creating all of the parts in Photoshop. The 4th section is a comprehensive summary, of the main focal points explained in the 3 previous sections.

[PDF versions avaliable in "Downloads" section]

Of Special Interest

Photoshop Meetup.comMeetup, in person with Photoshop enthusiasts in your own city! » » »
I highly recommend you all check this out. It's a great concept, that can benefit every Photoshop user. But it needs people power to make it go, so get over there and help make this work for you.

I've already joined!
[Click the name above to learn about Terragen]
Terragen Sample Gallery
[Click the image above to view a good sample gallery]

An unbelievable program that renders "photo-realistic" scenery & landscapes! The above image is just a small sample of what this program can do once you're familiar with it. BUT... it's not a huge or complicated program and almost immediately you can create some very realistic pictures. Landscapes, clouds, water... it creates it all! And to add to the excitement, at this point in time the program is free for non-commercial use!
Digimarc Digital Watermarking | Get more information on how to digitally watermark imagesDigimarc and the Digimarc logo are registered trademarks of Digimarc Corporation. The "Digimarc Digital Watermarking" Web Button is a trademark of Digimarc Corporation, used with permission.
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