Fright Night 2003:

The Comixpedia Fright Night event is proud to announce... THE WINNERS!

Out of all our completing participants, these seven were the scariest, the most terrifying, and the craftiest (and in one case the only) entrants in their starting panel categories!

We now present the Sinisterest Seven, followed by the complete archives of the Fright Night event as a whole. Feel free to chat it up in our FORUM!

Shaenon K. Garrity Panel:
Ryan Howe of Gun Street Girl takes a break from the bullets, but not from the mysticism in his winning entry for the starting panel of fellow Graphic Smasher Shaenon K. Garrity!

Beware the box.

Roger Langridge Panel:
Ben Bittner delights and charms with his truly inspired riff off Roger Langridge's delicious first panel.

Gentlecorpses, start your ovens!

Jon Rosenberg Panel:
Jeff Boyes is accustomed to Pitching Woo, but he pitched a winner with his take on Goats maestro's Jon Rosenberg's spooky first panel.

It starts with a bloody good hook.

Boxjam Panel:
Lucas Phelps is the lauded mastermind behind the post-apocalyptic roach adventure Skritch over at Graphic Smash, but he can turn his macabre talents to more mundane things... such as this comic drawn from an element of Boxjam's first panel.

It's Swedish for "Classic Horror..."
...and click here for Part Two.

Roy Boney, Jr. Panel:
Michael Lalonde is shooting up the internet charts thanks to the popular Ornery Boy, but his sense of humour and design skills are broader than the Boy can encompass. After some hard decision-making, Roy Boney, Jr. settled on Michael's entry as the best one stemming from his challenging first panel.

Has Fright Night finally gone to the dogs?

Bill Duncan Panel:
Kane Lynch is a mean motor scooter and a real go-getter, as the time-hopping Glick Glidewell can attest. And Bill Duncan thought his entry shone from the fateful drink in Bill's first panel onward.

Click here to read

Dorothy Gambrell Panel:
A deft sense of humour and a great sense of timing helped Dan Hess capture Dorothy Gambrell's heart -- and the win! -- for his tale of restaurants, blind dates, and how dates sometimes just fail over appetizers. served.

Day Nine: October 30, 2003
"Viva Burke!" is what children and lovers of Goreyian works cry aloud when they see The Grimbles, not to mention his sensational cover for this very month at Comixpedia! Roy Boney, Jr.'s opening panel gave him the fever for some classic horror... with some classic horror icons. Check it out!

Hollyweird and scary puns await!

Chris Furniss is back with Intelligent Life, and a crazy take on Shaenon K. Garrity's dripping first panel. What's that on the ceiling? Look up! Now DANCE!

Make you look? Click here!

Day Eight: October 29, 2003
Clint Boskey is better known as EteRock, and his work at Smapdi make some love him... and some fear him. You can decide on which side you fall after taking a gander at Roger Langridge's opening panel...and where it goes from there.


Road From Nowhere is one of Keenspace's quiet successes, and its author takes Dorothy Gambrell's appetizing first panel and runs with it. A last-minute submission, but worth the wait!

What is "Roasted Human Body"?
Try HERE while Keenspace is FUBAR.

Rob Clark combines several styles for a great overall effect in his spin on Roy Boney, Jr.'s opening panel. Visit, then check out the main page for a neat note on what this story's based on!

It's safe to look now. No, really. Trust me.

Day Seven: October 28, 2003
Dave Bort's work has a gentle surreality that is starting to make serious waves across the internet. He lends his talent to Roger Langridge's opening panel...

A whole new side of the old stone face...

If you haven't seen Boundary Waters yet, be sure to check it out... or or whet your appetite for Stubbs McWhinnie with his take on Shaenon K. Garrity's firey first panel.

You may switch to electric afterwards.

Day Six: October 27, 2003
If you think you know Dave Wright as the mild-mannered gent behind Todd and Penguin, wait till you see what he makes of Roy Boney, Jr.'s opening panel...

Everything you know about Wright may be Wrong...

Most know him from the online Graphic Smash series Vigil, but Juan Navarro also has a keen sense of the macabre, as seen in his take on Dorothy Gambrell's appetizing first panel.

Dinner is...disturbed.

While Jeremy Heiker is commonly underslept, he takes Shaenon K. Garrity's opening panel to make something that should keep you awake. All night. And it might just break your habit of calling whoever's listed first in the yellow pages.

Don't be a drip. Click here.

Day Five: October 26, 2003
"Everything Jake" scribe Mike Rosenzweig turns the astonishing Roy Boney, Jr's opening panel into a brilliantly kinetic and blood-soaked combat zone!

If you think your heart can take it... just click here.

Taking a step sideways from Station V3, Tom Truszkowski plays off Bill Duncan's starter panel. You may never look at television the same way again.

We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.

Day Four: October 25, 2003
Mighty fearmeister Michael Patrick takes us to Viva Las TERROR using Shaenon K. Garrity's opening panel, in a tale that is truly off the deep end...

Click here for deep terror (may take a minute to load in some browsers).

Comixpedia editor Damonk does a brilliant spin on Boxjam's opening art. Not just a cautionary tale -- it's also an inspiring one!
(No worries about conflict of interest, readers! Damonk signed on for the fun of it from the get-go. He was never in the running for prizes, just the joy of the fright.)

Click here to redefine your workaday world.

Day Three: October 24, 2003
Old-school FN participant Rudi Gunther freaks us out with his take on Roy Boney, Jr's opening panel, and a cautionary tale about dealing with forces beyond your ken...

Click here to shiver.

Leonard Cachola takes a break from "Innies and Outies" to riff on Roger Langridge's opening panel. It's a madcap tale that might just make you lose your...head! AH HA HA HA HA!

Click here for the fear.

Day Two: October 23, 2003
Bean takes a surreal spin on Boxjam's opening panel, on a day when both entries are so scary...we could only show them in BLACK AND WHITE. Boo!

View Boxjam's starter panels here.
View Bean's first page here.
View Bean's second page here.

Meaghan Quinn provides our second scream-scene of the day, drawing on the sopping and scary first panel of Shaenon K. Garrity.

View her fear-fraught entry here.

Day One: October 22, 2003
Jesse Clark kicks off our fear-fest with his entry, from a starting panel provided by Dorothy Gambrell.

View his entry here.

Edward J. Grug III presents a unique tale of love, loss, and dead people as inspired by the opening panel of Roy Boney, Jr.

View his entry in the Charlie Red Eye forum.

Endless gratitude and profound thanks to to our starting panel providers
(to view all the panels, click HERE):

Shaenon "She Blinded Me With Science!" Garrity;
Dorothy "Luncheon of Your Lament" Gambrell;
Roger "Killer Clowns From Outer Space" Langridge;
Roy "Big" Boney, Jr;
Bill "Zombilly" Duncan;
Jon "Darth Baio" Rosenberg, and
Bup "Computer Code of Death" Boxjam.



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