Here's what the Twilight Zone is: it's an anthology series, half hour in length, that delves into the odd, the bizarre, the unexpected. Here's what The Twilight Zone isn't: it's not a monster rally or a spook show. It probes into the dimension of imagination but with a concern for taste and for an adult audience too long considered to have IQs in negative figures.

Each show is a carefully conceived and wrought piece of drama, cast with competent people, directed by creative, quality-conscious guys, and shot with an eye toward mood and reality. There will be nothing formula'd, nothing telegraphed, nothing so nostalgically familiar that an audience can join actors in duets.

The exciting thing about our medium is its potential, the fact that it doesn't have to be imitative. What it can produce in terms of novelty and ingenuity has barely been scratched. This is a medium that can spread out, delve deep, probe fully and reach out experimentally to whole new concepts. The horizons of what it can do and where it can go stretch out beyond vision.

And that's what we're trying to do with the Twilight Zone. We want to tell stories that are different. We want to prove that television, even in its half-hour form, can be both commercial and worthwhile. The half-hour film can probe effectively, dramatize and present a well-told and well-filmed story; at the same time, perhaps only as a side effect, a point can be made that the fresh and untried can carry more infinite appeal than a palpable imitation of the already proved. The Twilight Zone is a wondrous land of the very different. No luggage is required for the trip. All that the audience need bring is imagination.

- Rod Serling, November 7, 1959 (TV Guide)

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As Timeless As Infinity: The Complete Twilight Zone Scripts of Rod Serling - This promises to be an incredible work. Gauntlet Press is undertaking the daunting process of publishing every single script Rod Serling submitted for the Twilight Zone (ninety-two scripts total). Making the project even more interesting is the fact that the scripts will be reprinted from Serling’s personal collection in their original format. Each script will also feature commentary, interviews and behind the scenes information. Volume One, the first release in the series, will be released in late spring 2004. The scripts that will appear in Volume One are "The Time Element," "Where Is Everybody," "The Eye of the Beholder," "Third From the Sun," "The Purple Testament," "The Big Tall Wish," "A Most Unusual Camera," "The Mind and the Matter" and "The Dummy." For more information, please visit the Gauntlet Press web site.

The Twilight Zone Scripts of Charles Beaumont: Vol. 1 - Now that the Twilight Zone scripts of Richard Matheson and Earl Hamner have been collected and published, it is Charles Beaumont's turn. In the summer of 2004, Gauntlet Press will be releasing the first of two planned volumes of his work for the Twilight Zone. As an added bonus, both volumes will include one unproduced script. Volume One will include the scripts for "Perchance to Dream," "A Nice Place to Visit," "The Howling Man," "The Prime Mover," "The Jungle," "Person or Persons Unknown," "In His Image," "Passage on the Lady Anne" and the unproduced script "Gentlemen, Be Seated." For more information about this book, please visit the Gauntlet Press web site.

The Twilight Zone Scripts of Jerry Sohl - Jerry Sohl is truly one of the "unknown" talents behind the Twilight Zone, mainly because the three episodes he wrote for the show all bear Charles Beaumont's name in the credits. The three episodes Jerry ghostwrote for the ill Beaumont, "The New Exhibit," "Living Doll" and "Queen of the Nile," will be collected in this volume, due out sometime this year. For more information about this book, please visit the Bear Manor Media web site.

The 1985 Twilight Zone Released on DVD? - Mondo Digital is reporting that Image-Entertainment is planning on releasing the first season of the 1985 Twilight Zone on DVD in July of 2004. Mondo Digital also claims that Image-Entertainment will be releasing seasons two and three in October of 2004. Exact release dates are not yet known, but Image-Entertainment has confirmed that they hope to release these sets "at some point in the future."

Twilight Zone Trading Cards: Series IV - Due to be released this year. Check this space for further updates.

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"Now, has it ever occurred to you that you're selling yourself short by taking on a series which, by your own admission, is going to be a series primarily designed to entertain?" - Mike Wallace to Rod Serling, 9.22.1959

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