In order to help users who are new to the Newton platform. I have compiled these links. I found them to be of the most use when I first joined the Newton community.

FAQs - Model Info - Where to Buy - Software - Connecting to a Computer - Protecting your Newton
Mailing Lists - NUGs - Discussion Boards and Forums - Other Stuff
FAQs, etc:

  • The Newton FAQ - If you have any problems with your Newton, check for it on one of the Newton FAQ mirrors. If it isn't there, then ask the people on any of the mailing lists.
    --This Old Newt
    --Newton Resurrection
  • Die deutsche Newton FAQ - A German Newton FAQ (auf Deutsch).
  • Newton Connection FAQ - A FAQ maintained by Ben, the guy who runs Newton Connections.
  • Newton Ethernet FAQ - You have to scroll, but it's right below Driver Downloads.
  • Newton Glossary - A glossary of Newton-related terms. There is also a searchable version.
  • The Newton Heap Mini FAQ - A FAQ regarding heap. It only covers the 120, 130, eMate 300, and 2000, though. It also has not been updated in a long time.
  • Newton Infrared FAQ - A FAQ regarding the Newton and infrared.
  • Newton Medical FAQ - A FAQ regarding the Newton's medical uses.
  • Newton OS Error Database - A database of Newton error codes.
  • Newton Wireless LAN FAQ - A FAQ regarding using the Newton wirelessly. It is now out of date.

    Model Info:

    Stats for different Newton models:

  • Newton Gallery - Info on all of Apple's Newtons and a few of the others.
  • Apple Newton MessagePad/eMate Systems @ - Info on all of Apple's Newtons.
    Price guide available at:
  • This Old Newt - They have a price guide, among other things.

    Where to Buy a Newton:

    Needless to say, there are other places as well.

  • eBay: Consumer Electronics > PDAs/Handheld PCs > Apple, Newton
  • eBay: Computers - Search for either "Newton" or "MessagePad" since people sometimes list them under Macintosh stuff. It isn't worth wading through all of that though.
  • This Old Newt has a section for buying and selling Newtons. It is very cool.
  • Tima Scientific - They sell a variety of Newtons.
  • Hardcore Mac - They have a few Newts (click on "Parts/Misc."), but I would say that they are a bit pricey.
  • J&K; Sales, Inc - They offer a variety of 2100 packages.


    These are only a few of the many sites that offer Newton software.

  • The United Network of Newton Archives - All sorts of software. Over a gig of it.
  • Index of /afs/ - Another archive that I stumbled across.
  • The Roundtable Newton Archives - An archive.
  • AMUG Newton Archive - A whole bunch of Newt software, including a section devoted to books.
  • Newton's Library - Books that you can read on your Newton.
  • Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts - Books available in a variety of formats, including NewtonBooks.
  • Yet Another Newton Book Site - A site devoted entirely to Newton books.

    Connecting to your computer:

    In order to connect your Newton to your computer, Apple released Newton Connection Utilities or Newton Connection Kit (the latter if you have a Newton running OS 1.x). You can find them at The United Network of Newton Archives.

  • Mac Version
  • Windows Version
  • Newton DIL Tester - Thomas Tempelmann's connection utility allows a greater variety of connection options than Apple's applications. It can be used to connect via infrared.
    For Mac OS X:
  • NewTen
    You can also connect your Newton to computers running Linux.
  • NewtonLink - Software to connect your Newton to a computer running Linux. It also includes a how-to.
  • Newtons - Newton to Unix Connections - Links to various ways to connect your Newt to a Unix machine.
  • UnixNPI - A package installer for Unix.
    For those of you who use the RISC OS, you have two options:
  • eMate Connectivity Suite - Allows you to export from your eMate to a RISC OS machine and also can install packages.
  • !Package - A simple package installer for the RISC OS.
    I have searched for apps to connect to computers running Be, but I have found nothing.
    Sometimes, when downloading packages from the internet, the creator codes can be messed up, thus making NCU and NCK unable to recognise packages. To solve this, I wrote Package Converter. Version 1.0 is available for downloading here:

    Protecting your Newton:

    You will definately want to get screen protectors for your Newton.

  • NuShield - They offer screen protectors for all Newton models.
  • Strong Engineering - Screen protectors forthe eMate and 2x00 Newtons.
  • SP1 - Screen protectors for the 2x00.
  • Screen Protectors - Info about making your own screen protectors.
    You may also want to look into a case to protect your Newton.
  • NewtMoc-- a moccasin for your Newt - A simply made leather case for your Newton.
  • The CasePlace Ltd - They have a few Newton cases.
  • PDA Concepts - A great deal of Newton cases as well as a few accessories.
  • Newton Case - Instructions on how to make a Newton case.

    Mailing Lists:

    These mailing lists are a wonderful source of information. You can get most of your questions answered by the knowledgeable people on them.

  • Newton-FR - A mailing list for Newton users who speak French.
  • Newtongebruikers - A Dutch list.
  • NewtonItalia - An Italian list.
  • NewtonTalk Mailing List - This is an excellent source of Newton info. I strongly recommend it to those who are new to the platform. The people on this list can answer just about every question you will ever have.
  • nmap 101 - A mailing list for people interested in programming for the Newton.
  • Russian Newton List - A list for those of you who speak Russian and are interested in having your Newton do the same.

    Discussion Boards & Forums:

  • Newted Community Message Boards - A very large and active group of message boards.
  • Newton Brazil - A Brazilian Newton forum (Portuguese).
  •'s Newton Forum - Just that, a Newton forum.
  • NewtonTalk2 - The backup list for the NewtonTalk mailing list.
  • Newton PDA
  • Los Angeles Newton Users Group
  • Apple Newton Group
  • AppleNewton-listSubscribe
  • Newton PL - A Polish Newton group.
  • newtonuser
  • The Northwest Of Us Mobile Computing Group - A special interest group that meets monthly to discuss mobile computing platforms - Newton, PowerBook, Palm and Pocket PC.
  • INUG - Indiana Newton Users Group
  • Ultimate Newton Group
  • British Newton User Group - A group for owners of Newtons in the UK and the rest of the world
  • Newton Hacking - A group dedicated to wrong, illegal, immoral and just plain fun uses for your Newton.
  • Seattle NUG
  • eMate - A place to talk about the eMate.
  • PDAStreet Newton Messageboard
  • 68k Mac Liberation Army Newton Forum
  • Mac Addict Newton Forums

    Other Stuff:

  • Newton's Last Resort - A digital Newton magazine. There will be no further issues.
  • Earthlink Newton Directions - Directions on how to set up a Newton to connect to Earthlink.
  • The Newton User Gallery - Newton users can register themselves here. You can search it and easily find users near you.
  • Newton Locale Page - A site with different locales that you can download, as well as instructions on how to make your own.

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