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Defying the laws of relativity and space, the new Grand Canyon Series Displays are the world's largest and most spectacular professional monitors ever designed. The Grand Canyon Display Series breaks grounds in every engineering and architectural design detail, bringing your computing visuals and immersive video experience to whole new levels. Unlike anything you've ever seen before (or thought possible), the Grand Canyon Displays are breathtakingly designed and exclusively manufactured of re-enforced aluminum, maximizing both their enclosure size and the flexibility of positioning where physical space is at a premium. They are the ultimate adrenaline rush for the hardcore gamer and the ideal tool for creative professionals for when display space maximization and image quality are absolute priorities. Delivering world premier resolutions of up to a colossal 25X VGA at 3840 x 1200 pixels and 16.7 million colors in an ultra-wide color gamut, they ally super wide viewing angles, with unprecedented fast video response using enhanced Ultra-Speed™ Display Technology. Capable of delivering true out-of-this-world color fidelity and featuring R-G-B auto-geometry sensing color correction, the Grand Canyon monitors set a new class for the utmost demanding graphic applications and large cluster presentation environments. But their size is only the beginning of the story. Under the skin, you'll find the most advanced technologies and engineering, in one design that brings the way you interact with computers to radical new heights, and the view of your desktop to a breathtaking new perspective. Get ready to settle for nothing less. The new Grand Canyon Displays. Professional immersive imaging, like no other.



76", 81"and 92" Screen Sizes.
Resolutions from 5120 x 1024 pixels to 25X VGA
    at 6400 x 1200 pixels.
All-aluminum construction.
Ultra-widescreen format for simultaneous display of
    multiple pages, windows, applications, graphics, full-screen
    audio and video applications.
Display Technology
 Lightning-fast pixel response supporting full-motion
    high-frame-rate digital video playback.
Support for 16.7 million saturated colors, for use in all
    graphics-intensive applications
Enhanced Active-matrix liquid crystal display
    Technology, featuring wide viewing angles for
    maximum visibility.
Unmatched color fidelity, delivering ultra-sharp text
    and graphics.
Hardware anti-aliasing double-depth filtering
Dynamic Phase-Timing Circuitry (DPTC)
ContrastPlus UV-668 filtering
Double anti glare hard coat and FFR-type CR-Lamps.
 Versatile connectivity; one computer for all 4 display
    panels, or one panel for up to 4 individual computers.
R-G-B auto-geometry sensing color correction.
    color fidelity for absolutely breathtaking image quality.
Gigantic workspace, minimal physical footprint
Adjustable in height, and angle.
Single or per monitor only compatible operation
High performance FreeFlow™ cooling architecture.
Exceptional low-power consumption design.
Customized graphic adapters solutions and extensive
    configurations available with options to exactly match
    your specific environments and end-use requirements.
Instant out-of-the-box setup with optionally bundled
    Nvidia Quadro NVS©, Appian Rushmore©, Colorgraphic
    Xentera GT©, and Matrox G450 MMS© or QID
    Series Graphics Adapters.
Stunning, sleek design.

Monitors: Choose a model The L Cinerama Monitor The L Cinerama Monitor The L Grand Canyon Monitor

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