Any computer image, whether it comes from a digital camera, a scanner, or a professional layout, can be professionally printed onto paper using YARC's Postscript RIPs for color copiers, desktop proofers, or large format printers.

YARC has the only Postscript RIP Color Servers that use the power of LINUX to give direct connectivity to the Internet, but are equally easy to use with traditional Windows or Appletalk networks. We also have Software RIPs for MacOS.

Download the Basic Concepts manual for YARC's XP server

Download the new manual for 6 color EPSON Xtreme RIPs

Here is a 25K stuffit archive of 5% Dot Area CMYK wedges to help you calibrate your ink densities using YARC's advanced ICC Tuning feature.

Download Ethernet Xtreme RIP for Hewlett Packard DesignJets



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