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  • Microsoft Windows 98 or later
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later


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Current NewsGator version: 2.0 (service release

We are unable to detect whether or not you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. If you browse to this page using Internet Explorer, we will be able to detect your installation requirements more accurately.

We recommend you use the following download links, which will also install the .NET Framework if it is not already installed:

NewsGatorSetup20D.exe (2.0 MB)

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If you know you already have the .NET Framework installed, we recommend you use the following links:

NewsGatorSetup20N.exe (2.0 MB) | (1.6 MB)


Tip: for help getting started with NewsGator, read our online tutorial.

To download plug-ins for NewsGator to post to your own weblog, visit our plug-ins page.


Release History:

Version 2.0 (service release - 30 January 2004
Version 2.0 - 19 January 2004
  • Added tight integration with NewsGator Online Services
  • Support for custom RSS extensions (rendering, mapping columns, custom code)
  • New extension API to allow third-party extensions
  • Added support for feed: protocol for single-click subscription
  • Updated Atom support for Atom 0.3 spec
  • Added support for RSS enclosures
  • Changed rendering engine to use customizable stylesheets
  • Relative URI's now supported for auto-discovery
  • CustomPostData user-defined field contents will now be sent to plugin
  • Added class=ngquotelink to quoted link when posting
  • Added NGOS menu item
  • Added "Activate" menu item if running in trial mode
  • Added setting to change max number of posts from NNTP groups
  • Added SHIFT+Retrieve to suppress HTTP cache headers for one retrieve, forcing reload from source
  • Added CTRL+Retrieve to force re-download of all items in feed
  • Added startup/configuration wizard
  • Redesigned feed wizard
  • Added "source" element to RSS fragment passed to posting plug-ins
  • NNTP attachments no longer saved by default (per-feed setting)
  • Added .NET Framework version to About box
  • Added related content and keyword search capability to Feed Wizard
  • NewsPage completely redesigned
  • Double-clicking in status dialog now shows error message details
  • NNTP messages now shown as plain text, if that's their format
  • Allow credentials when subscribe from IE
  • Added external link to post site on NewsPage
  • Dramatic NewsPage performance improvement when a lot of new posts
  • Fixed problem when NewsPage is set as startup folder in trial mode
  • Fixed various date parsing problems
  • Added automatic recovery of backup subscription file if necessary
  • Proxy settings now optionally refreshed before every retrieve
  • Changed exported OPML format to use xmlUrl and htmlUrl
  • When delete feed, now remove HTTP cache items too (fixes import problem)
  • Fixed exception when response came back with a new location, but no redirect
  • Improved Outlook GUI responsiveness when adding a lot of new posts
  • Conversation topic now set for NNTP posts, so they can be threaded correctly
  • Passwords are now encrypted when stored
  • Fixed problem where 0 groups downloaded for certain NNTP servers
  • Fixed problem where feeds with empty guids would not parse
  • Fixed NewsPage bug when post had empty/null body
  • Fixed problem where an empty date element would break
  • Newsgroups now alphabetized when listing
  • Quotes now removed around NNTP message "From" fields
  • Fixed problem with relative link processing with badly formed links
  • Fixed problems with international characters in some newsgroups
  • Fixed problem where deleting folder from root of PST didn't trigger unsubscribe
  • Profile manager
  • show message if no profiles to show
  • Fixed problem where sometimes "subscribe" message box pops up below IE window
  • Fixed error when click IE subscribe button when NG not running
  • Now recommend against Inbox, warning if choose inbox, don't turn on Newspage if select inbox
  • Fixed problem where backup file sometimes not created
  • Feed uniqueness now depends on URL + credentials
  • Fixed problem with certain date/time values that were out of range
  • Fixed problem where post would be truncated after pasting from Word 2003 in certain situations
Version 1.3 - 5 August 2003
  • Added support for NNTP newsgroups
  • Added new feed wizard, including search and directory support
  • Tighter folder integration - support rename/delete of folders
  • Added offline posting mode
  • Added ability to create draft of post
  • Added plain-text publishing capability
  • Added Option to show complete articles on NewsPage
  • Feeds are retrieved immediately when subscription added
  • Added ability to retrieve specific feeds
  • Integrated new artwork
  • Support enabling/disabling NewsGator for multiple profiles
  • Added mark all as read and delete all buttons to newspage
  • Added ability to use CSS formatting for NewsGator posts
  • Added ability to select which feeds appear on the NewsPage
  • Added mark as read buttons to NewsPage
  • Installer now detects whether .NET framework is installed - much better warning if running the wrong version of the installer
  • Added <head> element to exported OPML file
  • When adding subscription, text is added from clipboard if it's a URL
  • Support relative URL's
  • Fixed NewsPage customize button to bring up correct options tab
  • Fixed problem where NewsPage would sometimes excerpt the last paragraph, rather than the first
  • Fixed problem on OL2000 where Outlook would crash after posting a few items
  • Fixed problem when a feed name had a leading space
  • Support xml:base for relative link resolution in all feed types
  • Fixed problem where "existing instance" message could sometimes be triggered on a unload/reload of NG
  • Fixed problem where a delayed error would sometimes occur if a posting plug-in popped up a message box
  • Added uninstall link in newsgator menu
  • Fixed problem where system shutdown would fail if progress dialog had ever been shown
  • Date parsing now more robust
  • Fixed problem where posting status dialog would sometimes be hidden
  • Fixed behavior for HTTP 307
  • Added auto-delete feed for HTTP 410 response
  • Changed IE subscription message to include the name of the feed
  • Added initial Atom/echo support
  • Added ability to have per-folder NewsPages (no GUI for this)
  • Fixed problem where deleted items could be shown on NewsPage if base news folder was at the root of a PST store
  • Enable delete key in subscriptions dialog
  • Retrieve news on startup now defaults to false
  • Added fix for certain deflated feeds which use header-less compression
  • Added handling for images with relative links
  • Fixed problem when quoting existing posts, sometimes first paragraph would be skipped
  • Added URL help in the add subs dialog
  • Changed wording of import dialog to point out that you can import OPML from any URL
  • A backup of the subscription file is now created every time the subscriptions are auto-saved
  • Fixed occasional registry problem with subscribe in newsgator menu
  • Fixed problem where <a> tags with newline between a and href would not get title added
  • Deal with author in form Joe User (
  • Strip HTML markup from author/dc:creator
  • When deleting a subscription, the option to also delete its message folder
  • Connections are now dropped as soon as possible, saving resources
  • Fixed a couple of handle and object reference leaks, dramatically improving reliability
  • Fixed problem where failure to initialize could fail silently
  • Support multi-level OPML documents for import
  • Fix error message when a feed has an empty element
  • Strip namespaced elements (like <o:p>) from HTML before sending to plug-ins
  • Integrated HtmlClean functionality into NG
  • Remove span=#########-######## tags if applicable
  • Fixed bug with font tag clean-up
Version 1.2 - 20 May 2003
  • Much more complete e-mail integration; addresses from feeds are now parsed when present, added to messages.
  • Added posting support
  • Added gzip and deflate support
  • Added excerpts to newspage
  • Added delete buttons for articles on NewsPage
  • Added ability to expand feeds on NewsPage and read contained articles
  • Improved proxy support: allowed default proxy to have credentials, allow default credentials on all proxy types
  • Added button to IE toolbar to subscribe to current site w/auto-discovery
  • Moved NewsGator menu to toolbar; this fixes the OL2000 multiple-menu problem
  • Removed text from toolbar get news button
  • Added title attribute to links if none present, so you can see where they link to
  • Added option to move post and comment links to bottom of post, so Outlook autopreview will work better
  • Feed URL can now be edited when editing subscription
  • Fixed painting problem with some fonts and display drivers
  • Custom polling frequency can no longer be 0 (was undocumented behavior)
  • Fixed exception that could occur when loading subscriptions into subscriptions dialog
  • Subscriptions are now updated directly for 301 redirects, rather than being handled internally
  • When no sender email address is present, the text "no address" no longer shows up when replying to or forwarding a post
  • Removed cache directory and on-disk cache, improving performance
  • Fixed problem where you couldn't subscribe to a feed that contains no items
  • Support using RSS2 guids as permalinks (note - may cause re-retrieval of some feeds)
  • Added menu icons
  • Fixed problem where custom intervals could be incorrect if a feed encountered an error during retrieval
  • Updated license agreement
  • Update online help
  • Updated distribution to include .NET Framework 1.1
  • Specific proxy settings are no longer lost when temporarily switching to default or other modes.
  • Fixed exception message when user closes Outlook while retrieving news
  • Fixed problem which could occur after moving news folder between stores
Version 1.1 - 31 March 2003
  • "From" column now shows author if present, otherwise feed name
  • "Received" column now shows publish date, if present, otherwise retrieve date
  • Feeds which require authentication are now supported
  • New message notification (task tray bubble) on Windows 2000 and later
  • Optional per-feed update frequency
  • Option to determine modified-post behavior (RSS guid support), which can eliminate duplicate posts for some feeds
  • Initial view setup for OL2002 removed (no longer necessary)
  • Subscriptions moved to separate menu item
  • Subscription list now sortable
  • Proxy bypass on local setting now supported
  • Added category support
  • Added xhtml:body support
  • Confirmation when deleting subscriptions
  • Added user-defined Post Author field
  • Updated online help for 1.1
  • Added link to tutorial on initial setup screen
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Trial period reset for 1.1
  • Fixed problem where Outlook would not close correctly if user logged off or shut down Windows without closing Outlook
  • Fixed NewsPage bug when a feed title or post title contained certain escaped HTML elements
  • Fixed problem if a folder exists, but doesn't match because case-sensitive comparison
  • Fixed problem with certain feeds (such as Wired News) that vary the posts between retrievals; NewsGator now buffers at least 50 read posts (or 2x) per feed.
  • Fixed problem where if publish date was specified with a north american time zone (per RFC822), NewsGator would fail to parse it and revert back to the received date
  • Fixed NewsPage problem with folder names containing '/', ' ', and '\'
  • Fixed a few other minor problems
Version 1.0 - 24 February 2003
  • Initial release