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Gerbil is a simple Winboard-compatible chess engine written by Bruce Moreland. It include all source files, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The project includes an opening book, which is adapted from the SCP chess program opening book, authored by John Stanback, and is included with his permission.

The current Gerbil version is Release 02 (23-Oct-01).  To view the release notes, the "readme", or the installation notes, click the appropriate link.

Known major problems in this release:

  • None yet, but let me know if you find one!


    EPD2WB is a utility that allows you to run EPD test suites with Winboard engines. Specifically it works with Gerbil, but it is designed to work with others.

    The EPD2WB utility is included in source and executable form in the Gerbil download that you can get elsewhere on this page. If you download that, you'll get all of it.

    If you want to skip all the source code and just download an executable, or if you would like to view the EPD2WB "readme", click the appropriate link.

    Old Project Releases

    Release 00 (16-Jun-01)
    Release 01 (22-Jun-01)

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