- Betrayal in Ranks
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- Main story: For crime victims, punishment
- Profile of Marian Hood

- Main story: Home front -- domestic violence in the military can be deadly
- Profile of Toni Walker
- Ft. Carson lauded

- Main story: Military's response to rapes, domestic abuse falls short
- Profile of Kori Hansler

- Congress to probe military justice
- Senator pledges military inquiry
- Soldier told to forget rape and 'drive on'
- Editorial: Protect women in military
- Rumsfeld urged to respond to Post series
- Soldier who reported rape pressured to leave hospital
- Soldier: Army offering exit if she drops rape complaint
- Female GIs report rapes in Iraq war
- Military assaults spur call to action

- Yuriria Acunapineda
- Susan Armenta
- Paula Glover
- Faren Jones
- Beverly Kondel
- Lori
- Orlinda Marquez
- Maurine
- Arabella Ribera
- Sofia Rodriguez
- Iolanda Thompson

- Constance Culbreth
- Dorothy Finiello
- Gillian Foy
- Frances Hudson
- Jody Neal-Post
- Rose McGrail
- Laura Sandler
- Gloria Scott

- Diane Brent
- Karen Curtis
- Denise Frame
- Debora Johnson
- Linda Miles
- Genevieve Turentine
- Gloria White

Online executive producer: Rebecca Risch

Thousands of women have been sexually assaulted in the United States military. Thousands more have been abused by their military husbands or boyfriends. And then they are victimized again.

This time, the women are betrayed by the military itself.

They are discouraged from reporting the crimes. Pressured to go easy on their attackers. Denied protection. Frustrated by a justice system that readily shields offenders from criminal punishment.

The women suffer for it.

Some cannot talk about what happened. They were killed by men whose violence was allowed to escalate. Other victims struggle with anger over a trusted system that betrayed them.

More than 50 women such as Beverly Kondel, Toni Walker and Iolanda Thompson, above from left, told The Denver Post their stories.

"They said they would order him not to talk to me, but I told them that that wouldn't stop bullets from hitting me," Walker says. "I felt the military abandoned me."

- Marian Hood 1
- Marian Hood 2
- Marian Hood 3

- Sharon Mixon 1
- Sharon Mixon 2
- Beverly Kondel 1
- Beverly Kondel 2
- Orlinda Marquez 1
- Orlinda Marquez 2
- Debora Johnson 1
- Debora Johnson 2
- Sofia Rodriguez 1
- Sofia Rodriguez 2
- Frances Hudson 1
- Frances Hudson 2
- Arabella Ribera 1
- Arabella Ribera 2

- Tabitha Croom family
- Dorothy Finiello & art
- Kori Hansler
- Marian Hood
- Toni Walker

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- By Sharon Mixon
- By Marian Hood
- By Arabella Ribera

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- Army domestic violence offenders - how cases were handled

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- V.A. report on Lori's service-related herpes
- V.A. letter confirming Linda Miles' PTSD
- Debora Johnson's abortion record
- Zaleha DeArmond's abuse report
- Handwritten account of Yuriria Acunapineda's rape
- V.A. memo on Yuriria Acunapineda's rape
- Sharon Mixon's service medals
- Sharon Mixon's discharge form
- Toni Walker's booking report against her husband
- Tabitha Croom murder document
- James Coleman's arrest report
- Richard Williams' arrest report

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