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j2sdk split into j2re and j2sdk posted by Jason
January 19, 2004
j2sdk has been split into j2re and j2sdk. Problem is that a directory in the old j2sdk has become a symlink and pacman doesn't like that much.

You'll have to pacman -R j2sdk and then pacman -S j2sdk for the upgrade to go through properly.

KDE and GNOME move to Extra posted by Judd
January 18, 2004
Hi all,

To slim down our core repository even more, we've moved KDE and GNOME to the Extra repository. This means that they will not be present in the next Arch ISO image.

However, we have tentative plans to include a couple extra ISOs which will contain all packages in Extra. So if you really really want a hardcopy of either DE, you can grab the Extra ISO set.

Ugly hpijs upgrade posted by Jason
December 25, 2003
We found a bug that's pretty nasty. hpijs ovewrites "/usr/bin/foomatic-rip."
It would be a better to let hpijs depend on the new packages foomatic-filters.

But this causes trouble when upgrading. Pacman says, "file found in filesystem"
The nice solution is to do:
- pacman -Rd hpijs
- pacman -S hpijs


New Repository Names posted by Judd
December 20, 2003
A couple of our repositories have changed names, so you should all update your /etc/pacman.conf to use the new names.
  • The stable repository has been renamed to release.
  • The unofficial repository has been renamed to extra.
These names are a little more accurate, and clear up a few misconceptions.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

initscripts 0.6 posted by Judd
December 20, 2003
Hi all,

I've just released initscripts 0.6. The most notable change is that syslogd and klogd need to be started like normal system daemons now, so you should add them to the beginning of your DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf.

This has been done to allow users to substitute metalog or syslog-ng in place of the old standby, sysklogd.

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