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.NET Framework

Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map

Looking for the managed counterpart for a Win32 function? Discover .NET Framework APIs that provide similar functionality in managed code to Microsoft Win32 functions.   

PSS Security Response Team Alert - New Worm: W32/Mydoom@MM
Please review the Microsoft security alert regarding W32/Mydoom@MM and take appropriate action for your environment. This rapidly spreading, mass-mailer virus affects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Web-based e-mail.    (January 28, Announcement)

Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE
Enable interoperability between enterprise-class applications based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET. This article covers interoperability at the presentation, business, and data tiers.    (December 12, Article)

MSDN TV: Code Correctness with FxCop
Watch as Michael Murray and Jeffrey Van Gogh from the CLR Team describe FxCop, the freely available code-analysis tool from Microsoft.    (December 5, Multimedia)

Security Briefs: Strong Names and Security in the .NET Framework
Keith Brown discusses strong names and how to use them to uniquely identify an assembly, allow it to be placed in the Global Assembly Cache, and use the versioning system in the Microsoft .NET Framework CLR.    (December 12, Article)

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From the Editor

Frank Redmond III Welcome to the .NET Framework Developer Center, the home for developer information on the .NET Framework from MSDN. I'm Frank Redmond, the .NET Framework Content Strategist for MSDN, as well as your personal guide. If you're new to this site, please check out the Editor's Note which lays out the goals of this site and how to get the most from it. If you'd like to keep up to the minute on what key people in the .NET Framework industry think, check out the Blogs available. Enjoy!   



Join this newsgroup to discuss general .NET Framework issues.   

Join this newsgroup to discuss issues related to web development with ASP.NET.   

Join this newsgroup to discuss issues related to Windows Forms development.   

.NET Framework Discussions

GotDotNet Message Boards
Welcome to the GotDotNet Message Board—the place to talk with other GotDotNet users about .NET issues. Begin by choosing a Forum, and then you can join a thread.   

ASP.NET Forums
Visit the ASP.NET community site to learn about and discuss the development of Web applications using .NET.   

Windows Forms Forums
Visit the site where the Windows Forms team hangs out. It's all Windows Forms all of the time.   

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This Microsoft site is focused on development topics related to .NET, where developers can upload their own samples.   

Find technical info, forums, a gallery of sample code, tutorials, source code projects, and more resources on the premier community site for ASP.NET, sponsored by the ASP.NET team.   

Windows Forms
Go to the Microsoft Windows Forms Site for many resources related to Windows Forms, as well as the newly added forums, Control Gallery, and more.   

User Groups

Access the International .NET Association (INETA) for its structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft .NET user groups.   

The .NET Developers Association
Use the resources from the .NET Developers Association (.NETDA) to enhance your programming skills.   

Find a User Group Near You
MSDN developer user groups are local, independently run, volunteer groups that meet on a regular basis to discuss and share information on a variety of computing topics.   

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