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Doncaster East occupies a larger area than Doncaster, and together they stretch six kilometres from Bulleen to Donvale. Doncaster East is shaped like a reverse L, with the north-south part wrapping around Templestowe and ending at the Yarra River. The southern boundary is the Koonung Koonung Creek.

Unlike Doncaster with the civic centre and Westfield Shopping town, Doncaster East has no particularly striking features. There are community shopping centres, several primary schools, a secondary college and a campus of the Box Hill TAFE. The largest of the shopping centres is Tunstall Square (Tunstall being the former name for Nunawading on the south side of the Koonung Koonung Creek). The area is entirely residential with numerous neighbourhood reserves.

Near where Doncaster East borders Doncaster is the place where an active German community lived in the previous century. The locality was called Waldau (the name of the present local primary school), and their influence is preserved in Rieschieck's Reserve in which is found Schramm's Cottage. Schramm was a Lutheran pastor.

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