Everything is done the way G-d wants it to be done with respect for life. Respect for the child/parent thing. This is what G-d wants so this is the way it's done.

75. To make a parapet about one's roof and to remove every stumbling block and possible cause of accidents on one's house.

76. To remember the action that Amalek took against us. Now remember Amalek? Does anybody remember who Amalek is? To remember the action that Amalek took against us is the 76th positive commandment. G-d doesn't like Amalek! I don't know how to tell you this. I know a lot of people out there just don't even understand who Amalek is but G-d says a couple of times, "I hate him," and He said He's going to destroy him. Scripture says that when the Messiah comes, one of the things He will do is destroy Amalek.

Scripture says "Remember what Amalek did to you" in Deuteronomy 25:17 and again in Deuteronomy 25:19, and this means to remember orally in spoken words his evil deeds, his ambush against us, so as to bestir our hearts to hate him. It applies every where in every time for both man and woman. And we must teach this to our children.

77. To decimate the descendants of Amalek. As Scripture says in Deuteronomy 25:19, "you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek." However, we won't know who the people of Amalek are until Elijah the Prophet comes and tells us. And then, we will wipe out all remembrance of Amalek from under Heaven.

May HaShem grant us to see the arrival of Elijah the Prophet and our righteous Messiah speedily in our time. Amen. Those are the positive commandments that we would be able to handle.

Now the negative commandments are:

1. It's a negative commandment not to eat the sinew of the thigh vein. Scripture states, "Therefore the children of Israel do not eat the sinew of the thigh vein." Genesis 32:33. It applies to pure kosher domestic and untamed animals and it applies also to an embryo, both to the right thigh and to the left.

There are two sinews. The inner one near the socket of the hip bone is forbidden by the law of Torah. The rest of the inner sinew, which is not about the socket, and the entire upper sinew with the fat on them and on the sinews of the thigh vein along with the other sinews and membrane are forbidden by the ruling of the sages.

If someone ate the sinew of the thigh vein of an animal that did not die from proper ritual slaughter, or an animal that was mortally wounded or ill, he violates two prohibitions. We are not to eat the sinew of the thigh vein because it is Treif or unkosher or dirty. By the oral traditions we know that it is permissible to derive other benefits from the sinew.

It is in force everywhere at every time for both man and every woman. .

2. That Hametz, leavened food, is not to be seen in the domain or the possession of a member of Jewry the entire seven days of Passover. How tough can that be? G-d wants us as people that observe the Abrahamic Covenant.

Holidays like Passover are not Jewish holidays, by the way. These are the L-rd's Days. G-d made Passover a very important thing by taking us out of the slavery of Egypt and bringing us into The Promised Land so that we could have the Abrahamic Covenant. He did it so that the people could mature from the time of Abraham right through until the time when Moses brought them G-d's Word.