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The McShane Clan
Slainte-Welcome! You have found the home of the McShane-Johnson-McSean Clan. We are now the officially recognized McShane Clan in all the world. Join the Clan and help build the history.



  I am J.R. Johnson, head of the Clan organization, and I have been working for about the last 8 years to trace the bloodline of the families McShane, Johnson, and McSean to Ireland and beyond. I have achieved some success in detailing the general history of the family, and my own branch.

I was able to find my original cousins still on the land my grandfather left to come to America. I have a photo of cousin Patrick McShane and me at the original farm in Carnamoney, County Derry. We descended from 2 brothers and were united after 160 years! Our 8X great grandfather farmed the same land as early as 1763.


The Clan Organization:

Chief of the Clan

Major Jameson Riley McShane Johnson

Irish Secretary

Marie McShane

Canadian Secretary

Grace Watters

Australian Secretary

Greg Norris

UK Secretary

Joanne McShane

Regional Leaders

Mid West US

James McShane III

Western US

Ani Jessup


Ian Beadle

Clan Historian

Molly Johnson Kaufman

Clan Researcher

Shelly Hundertmark

Traditional Chiefs of Allied Clans

  • The O’Neill Clanaboy
  • The O’Cahan
  • The MacQuillan of the Route
  • The O'Donnelly, Marshall of Ulster
  • The O'Neill Sleight Arte

The Clan is a non-profit organization set up in the United States, with membership in Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, and Canada. There are no fees for membership.
Our goals are to:
1. Promote knowledge of the Clan and Irish history.
2. Link McShanes and Johnsons around the world.
3. Re-establish clan Arms, Colors, and Chief.
4. Share genealogies to help find ancestors
5. Perhaps have a reunion in Ireland one day.

I have written a
detailed history of the original families with help from Trinity University and the Public Records office. Please see the link at the bottom of the page.
Contact me at




The Clan
The families of McShane, Johnson, and MacSeai'n all are inter-related back to Ireland. Other names to include are Shane, MacSeai'n, Shand, O'Chane, all theses have ties to McShane.

McShane is a name that tends to show up at different times throughout history and not absolutely tied to one bloodline. Because the name means "son of John" there have been many folks who have taken the name at different times in history. There are a lot of different stories about how the names changed, but generally, the name all started with "Mac Shane" or son of John. If you are related to one of these families, I encourage you to contact me here at this site. The Clan Association is brand new, and membership participation is key to our future success. The Irish Clans are only starting down the road the Scots Clans have already paved. However, with a growing membership and participation, we too can form the family ties our Gaelic cousins enjoy.




Our Clan's History
In general, the Clan McShane is an Ulster clan. The O'Neill Mor ruled all of northern Ireland for centuries. As second and third sons grew up, often Kings would give them Lordships or tracts of land away from the main royal holdings. The McShane's were just such a family.

Times have been difficult on the McShanes of northern Ireland. My own family had to change their name to Johnson during the early 18th Century to meet the law requirement of no Gaelic surnames.


Clan Motto:



Rampant Lion grasping a
bleeding shamrock (trefoil)

Clan Tartan:

Clan McShane (McShane of the Sperrin Mountains)




The Clan Items (all of which members are authorized to use, display, or wear)

The Badge

Three crescents circular, gules. Surmounted by an ancient ducal coronet of shamrocks, surrounded by the McShane War Cry.

The War Cry

“Bi Ad Feithmeah” in Irish, translates to “Anticipate.”

The Motto

“Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily”

The Livery Colors

Green and Gold

The Battle Standard

The Rampant Lion grasping the bleeding shamrock.

The Breacan or Tartan

McShane clan

The Name

All clan members are permitted to have “of the Clan McShane” or “of the McShanes” after their surname.




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