Tom Knight

Tom Knight is a senior research scientist in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the MIT EECS department.


Microbial Engineering
Our next engineering discipline will modify simple living cells as a way of computing and interfacing more effectively to the real world. Here's a set of interesting links and here is the paper on engineering cellular logic gates.

Reversible and Low Energy Computing
Adiabatic logic circuits can be used to implement asymptotically zero energy computing devices, trading off performance against speed. Two papers describe some of our recent work:

Reinventing Computing
Reinventing Computing is a project centered around three major themes:

VLSI Microdisplays
The VLSI Microdisplay effort is developing low cost miniaturized displays constructed with liquid crystal on silicon chip substrates.

Abacus is a massively parallel SIMD processor array designed for high performance on early vision algorithms.

Transit is a parallel interconnection network design project with goals of low communications latency, fault tolerance, and scalability.

Transactional Execution of Programs
The Liquid effort is a proposed architecture and execution model which allows greater flexibility in parallel execution through the use of dynamic side effect checks and transactional execution.



Former Students

Here's a collection of some useful (to me) data.

Here's some information on one of my favorite computers, the PDP-6

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