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No to That, Yes to This
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The domain name I wanted is taken. Game over? Not at The site wisely presents me with a chart of similar domain names and notes which ones are taken and which are still available.

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U.S. Postal Service

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Technical codes in error messages may be helpful to a site development team but they will only confuse most visitors.

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Bank One

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Bank One confuses customers by placing a "Reset" button right where the "Continue" button should be.

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Yahoo! Chat

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It�s important to organize your help section wisely. Offer top questions, a help search, categories for scanning, and a contact link.

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Design Not Found, published by 37signals, is a collection of real-world examples of good and bad contingency design. Contingency design - a field pioneered by 37signals - is design for when things go wrong (error messages, no search results found, missing pages, bad form entries, etc.).

About 37signals
37signals is an elite team of expert web design and usability specialists dedicated to keeping design simple, clear, usable, and affordable. 37signals can:

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