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Penal Code (1809)

Any telegraphist who is negligent, careless, or commits an offense, shall be sternly punished according to the circumstances and the penalty shall be either a fine, arrest, prison with bread and water, flogging, or to run the gauntlet. If these offenses are committed frequently, the penalties will be more severe.
Any telegraphist who is not immediately aware of calls or messages from the closest stations, shall be fined 8 Sk. on the first offense, and the fine is subtracted from his allowance.
Any telegraphist who commits the same fault more often is fined 16 Sk.
Any telegraphist who neglects his watch in any manner shall either be fined 16 Sk., arrested, or be given corporal punishment depending on the circumstances.
Any telegraphist who has to be waited for several minutes or who repeats messages slowly shall be punished.
Any telegraphist who neglects a watch sign shall be punished.
Any telegraphist who arrives late or leaves before his hours are done shall be punished.
Any telegraphist who is standing by the control panel when his turn is at the telescope or vice versa, shall be punished.
Any telegraphist who puts up the signal 431 (cannot see) when the nearest station can be seen, shall be punished by flogging and, if this happens more often, shall be punished more severely.
Any telegraphist who sells his supplies or uses them in such a way that they do not last the prescribed amount of time shall be punished.
Any telegraphist who mismanages the telegraph's effects and/or his own equipment shall be punished.
Any company officer who commits any of the above mentioned offenses shall either be fined twice the amount, punished more severely, or be degraded to the rank of private.
Any telegraphist who performs his duties well shall be promoted.

'A. N. Edelcrantz/C. C. Limnell''Stockholm, 20 April 1809'

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