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Content Discovery
Inktomi Content Discovery Technology discovers, critiques and harvests content to ensure that the user experiences the freshest and highest-quality search results available on the Web. The system searches more than three billion URLs to analyze the characteristics of each page and the link structure that connects the pages. Content is also injected into the indexes from content partners providing high-quality and human-edited content into the index such as directory, news, multimedia or subject content. Finally, editorial rules are applied to the index to improve data quality by removing spam and other low-value content.

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Highly Relevant Search Results
Inktomi Relevance Modeling Technology analyzes many features of a document such as its text, source, associated links and other unique document characteristics to determine the document's relevance to a particular query. Inktomi continually conducts relevance tests with other competitive search engines to determine the best results available for particular queries on the Web. Using this data, Inktomi attempts to continually improve its algorithm by fine-tuning the algorithm to more closely match the perfect result set available across many search engines on the Web.

International Search Capabilities
Inktomi Web Search supports 38 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean and is fully Unicode (UTF-8) compliant. Inktomi supports regional ID, which gives portals the ability to place higher importance on content belonging to a specific locality.

Open Directory Information Enhances Inktomi Search Results
Inktomi leverages the Open Directory Project (ODP) to further improve the user experience on distribution partner sites. ODP title, description and category meta data is used to enhance Inktomi's relevant search results.

ODP is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web with a global community of volunteer editors.

For more details on the Open Directory Project, please visit -


News Headline Search
Moreover News provides the content for News Headline Search, which is updated every 15 minutes providing headlines from more than 3,000 sources and is searchable via over 300 categories.

Media Search
Singingfish provides the content for Inktomi Media Search via its proprietary Web crawling techniques and strategic partnerships with leading content producers. Singingfish has already cataloged and indexed over seven million Real, Windows Media and mp3 files. The company builds onto its index by adding hundreds of thousands of new streams each week.

For more information contact Web Portal Sales at

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