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Borland Enterprise Server

Borland® StarTeam® provides an automated and comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) system for supporting the management of assets and application lifecycle tasks, all from within a single repository.


Borland® StarTeam® is an automated configuration and change management system that puts control of the development process in the hands of project teams. By providing users with access to all project assets through a central repository supported by customizable workflow and process management, StarTeam facilitates team communication and collaboration. A true enterprise solution, StarTeam delivers more than file version control: with StarTeam, project teams can benefit from a customized solution offering an integrated environment for managing requirements and changes, tracking defects and threaded discussions, and managing the tasks required by effective project management.

StarTeam Server provides a unified collaborative process repository for all application development assets.

StarTeam Enterprise Advantage is designed to meet the change and configuration management needs of large, widely distributed teams working on enterprise-level projects. StarTeam Enterprise Advantage supports the entire application development lifecycle by delivering a flexible, customizable solution with integrated requirements management, change management, defect tracking, file versioning, threaded discussions, and project and task management.

StarTeam Enterprise is an ideal solution for medium-to-large development teams. Blending ease of use with the power of its integrated file, change request, task, and discussion components - in a single interface - StarTeam Enterprise is an excellent next step for organizations that have outgrown their current SCM technology.

StarTeam Standard is an easy-to-use, entry-level SCM tool with integrated components for file versioning, defect tracking, and threaded discussions. StarTeam Standard helps small project workgroups and distributed teams to effectively collaborate and efficiently manage change across the application development lifecycle.

StarTeam Datamart, a decision support system, provides in-depth query and analysis capabilities for SCM and change management environments.

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