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Kim Schulze Hackley
I enjoyed going to MHS. I was in the marching band plus other activities at school . I remember one friend who was so nice to me.We were the buddy bells. Her name was Gayle. We both played the bells for the marching canes. I still live here in Bradenton. I am married and have two sons . Eric , who graduated at MHS in 96. We also have our younger son now who is now attending Manatee, Jason. He is the starting middle linebacker for the varisty football team. He hopes to win state before he graduates in 2004.
Wanda Sexton
I was with the class of 83. After leaving school I stayed in Sarasota for a few years, got married had a son who is almost 12. I left after the divorce and came back to Cinti where I was originally from. I remarried (this time it's a keeper) and had another son who will be 2 in November. I am now a stay at home mom, but very much involved in the school system, (at the present I am trying to make positive changes in the system and working with our city council). I have actually been asked to run for council! I am not ready for that kind of politics yet. Career wise my background is in the medical field (medical assistant). I have worked ranging from with patients to durable medical goods (vascular and burn garments to hospital beds and oxygen and also mastectomy patients). My last job was handling workers comp for Anthem, and that was a great job! Needless to say I have a very full life and feel blessed everyday. I would like to reconnect with old classmates so if anybody who remembers me please look for my email address on the other site.
Brook Shaffer%20
Then and now, huh? Well, I was never so glad something was over as I was the day we graduated Manatee High! Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the place, I just hated school. I played volleyball and barely passed most of my classes. Not much to remember, huh? I do remember the important things, like OOH BUNK, and buying candygrams to send Patrick Ferguson (where IS he now???), and Ghostgrams to Stacey and Stacie, and toilet papering Jerry Engerski's truck while it was in the Wal-Mart Parking lot, dating Eric Scarbrough for a LONG time, driving around and around in circles the last day of school, and hanging out for hours on end with Gareth Evans. Kind of a freakish version of Grease, don't you think?  I stumbled around the MCC campus for a while, then quit altogether. I decided to be a travel agent, so I became one, and ended up working on cruise ships for over three years, instead! I traveled so many places - the Caribbean (have been to most of the islands), South America, the Canal, the West Coast, Alaska, Canada, New England, some of the Mediterranean... it was a wonderful life. But I had to finally face real life and settle down.  I came back to Bradenton late '97, decided I wanted to go back to school, and took a job at MCC so I could go without paying tuition. After one semester I decided it was time for a move, and moved to Clearwater. I LOVE it here. I have been at Tech Data for 2 1/2 years, now working as an Account Coordinator in the Marketing Department. I finally went back and completed my AA and graduated in December WITH HONORS! (That should shock a few people.) I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up... I don't think I have to make a decision yet. I'm having fun and loving life. I am still single (surprise), have three guinea pigs I love dearly, am involved in some animal rescues in this area, still love to golf (live on an 18 hole course) and have a wonderful group of friends. I still travel every chance I get. MHS seems like a lifetime ago... I didn't do well keeping in touch with anyone. Now I wonder where people are and how they are doing. Drop me a line if you want to catch up! Brook :)

Paula Jo Sheley Bassitt-Dudley
Paula Jo Sheley (Bassitt) graduated June 1965, soon after graduation I married Larry Lee Bassitt, in Feb 1966. We Divorced after 26 years. Had 2 beautiful children together. Gina Lee (35)(she is Mrs. Gene Brown, Brown & Son Funeral Home in Bradenton) & Larry "LEE" Jr (30) of Jacksonville, Fl. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren. 11,9,8,3. I remarried a New Yorker (what a mistake) and divorced him after 10 years. So then I bought me a Harley Davidson and said Heck with men until 3 years ago, at a bike night on ST. Armands circle at Barnie's coffee. I met a wonderful Harley Man........."George" We moved to Gatlinburg Tennessee last year, to the cabin my father built in 1978. Since then we have purchased another 7 acres nearby and George is in the process of building us our Dream Home.... Log Cabin, it is situtated atop a mountain overlooking Gatlinburg & the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. What a wonderful place to live and ride our Harleys. We own our own business of several rental cabins here in Gatlinburg, so we have alot of free time to ride, travel & go to all the bike weeks throughout the country. Our 3 year old toy poodle "Harlie Jo", goes everywhere we go on my lap on my 2001 Pearl White FATBOY, she has logged over 20,000 miles since she began riding at just 8 weeks old. George and I are getting married next weekend Oct 12, 2002. On our Harleys atop a mountain overlooking this beautiful place we live. Of course, "Harlie Jo" also has a veil and will be part of the festivities.... I guess you can say, My Life is almost Perfect now .... Perfect Man, Perfect Place to Live, Perfect Family and Pretty Much Retired........and with God watching over our lives... P.S. I think it's time someone in the class of 65 got a reunion together. Mary Dobbe and I did the others, and now we want to be paying guests at the next one. Thats my life from 65 to date.

Derelle Smith%20
Derelle majored in Journalism and has had a successful career in the field, working as a reporter for United Press International in Miami, a People magazine writer on assignment while in Miami, as well as a prominent editor at newspapers in Tampa, Fla., Colorado Springs, Colo., and San Francisco. In addition, Derelle as an entrepreneur ran a successful national newsletter firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, at 49, he is committed to the field of channeling and associated work, including publications, tapes, seminars, workshops, group and community activities, while maintaining his strong ties to his private clients who extend all across the United States and Canada. He believes strongly that Michael can offer practical, down-to-earth perspectives that can help people make better choices in their jobs, their loves, their family, and their dreams. (Editor's note: Information from Ask Michael website.)
Karen Sneary Wood%20

  Since high school, (class of '59), I married Chuck Wood the same year (December.)  In 1969, Chuck graduated USF and we moved to Atlanta. I worked for an Insurance Company which I truly enjoyed. We were transferred back to Sarasota, lived there until 1971. Chuck changed jobs and in March of 1973 we were transferred to Harrisburg, Pa. I went to work for Nationwide Insurance Company as a claims adjuster. I worked for them until 1980,  and left Nationwide when we were transferred to Indianapolis, Indiana. At that point I went to work for Foremost Insurance Company. I continued in the claims department, handling bodily injury liability claims. It was very interesting and truly a learning experience. I had to complete many medical and law courses through out my career. We were transferred to Michigan in 1985 where we found the temperature and climate NOT to our southern liking. We moved back to Bradenton in 1987 and plan to stay here forever.  I am no longer working but my days are full. We had two sons, the oldest having met his wife while at IUPUI, still resides in Indiana with their two daughters. The youngest lives on Longboat with his wife and has no children. I have been able to stay in touch and see  friends from school, for which I feel fortunate. I have made wonderful friends everywhere we have lived. I feel I have had a wonderful life and look forward with great anticipation to the next chapter.
Update (July 2, 2002) We have moved to Venice so thought you should put that in my now and then information on the Manatee High website. I just read it saying 'I would live in Bradenton forever'.... guess we never know do we? We are building a new home (what a hassle) and hope to move in by the end of the month. It has been a real experience.

Kelly Sooy%20
I was in the class of 84 and now I am medically retired from the military due to aggravated wounds from the Gulf War. I was also a paratrooper for 9 years and worked with the 1st Ranger Battalion and 3rd Special Forces group. I currently Live near Ft. Bragg, NC. 
Dave Thompson%20
I graduated in 1961, entered the Army and was medically retired as a Captain in 1980. Along the way, I received a BS in Business Management from Hampton University, Hampton, VA and my MS in Business from Florida Tech, Melbourne, FL. I married my High School sweetheart, Bonnie (from Sarasota High), raised three kids and now have two grandchildren. Our eldest is a career Air Traffic Controller so watch yourself when you fly!  Our middle son is an Audio Engineer and our daughter is the Marketing Manager for Chicago Title in Seattle. I worked for Wang Laboratories from 1984 to 2000. We retired in April, 2000 and now reside in Las Vegas.

Colin Tripp
I was an JROTC Dork for all four years rising to the rank of major and the position as Battalion Executive Officer. I enlisted in the US Army and got out in late 2002 with the rank of SGT. I am now a defense contractor with Lockheed Martin, living in Aurora, CO
Belinda Trudelle Wilson%20
I graduated in 1990. After graduation I moved to Port Charlotte for about 3 months, then on to Venice Florida. That is were I met my husband. We have been together since Dec of 1990. We moved to Spring Hill, Florida in Feb of 1992. Bought a house and  we got married in May of 1994. We had our daughter Madison in August of 1995. In 1996 I thought about joining the Army, but my husband ended up joining instead of me. So at 29 years old my husband joined the Army. We have been stationed at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and we are now stationed in Landstuhl, Germany. We will be moving back  the states in May of 2001. I have been to some school since graduation, but nothing like I wanted to.  So when we return to the states I will finish school and hope to be nurse.  I am involved in a lot of community functions and try to stay busy. My daughter helps with that! I can't wait for our 10 year reunion to see all the old classmates.  Hope to see you soon!
Judyth Vary Baker

Monday, November 17 @ 8pm ET/PT The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Smoking Guns This new program in Nigel Turner's series explores evidence of conspiracy and cover-up in the 1963 murder of the 35th president and examines the Secret Service's behavior on that fateful day. Did they destroy evidence from the presidential limo to keep the focus on Oswald as a lone "nut" assassin? Also revealed, the cover-up of another shot from in front that produced a gaping wound in the back of JFK's head. Observed by Dallas doctors that day, it's been the subject of persistent government denials. TV PG
To all my old friends at MHS! As you may recall, I was engaged in cancer research, and seemed to drop out of sight. Until now, I could not have mentioned what was going on in my life. Didn't you ever wonder what had happened to me? I, who had won national recognition for my magnesium project, and whose cancer research project gained Honors in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, plus a trip to Buffalo to work in the nation's oldest cancer laboratories, seemed to vanish.. However, between 1961 and 1963, I was trained to do special cancer research. I became involved in an anti-castro project in New Orleans. I can't even discuss the impact of this project, but suffice that by spring of 1963, I was working for Reily coffee company as a front (my boss was former FBI agent William Monaghan) while actually engaged in clandestine cancer research with 'Dr.' David W. Ferrie (supposedly committed suicide but was probably murdered during the Garrison investigation) and renowned medical specialist Dr. Mary Sherman (brutally murdered July 21, 1964 for her part in the scenario I am about to describe). You may recall that I took Russian (all fees paid) at Manatee (then Jr.) Community College. I spoke crude conversational Russian by 1963, when I was introduced in New Orleans to Lee Harvey Oswald. When I wore my hair and makeup the same as his wife, Marina, --for I was same height, weight, and spoke Russian, Lee Oswald and I could worked together. Lee was involved in an anti-Castro project whose sponsor,. dr. Ochsner, was possibly related to the CIA in fact, one of Ochsner's best friends was 'Wild Bill' Donovan, who founded the CIA and who was, like Ochsner, a President of the American cancer Society. The project included delivery of live biological weapons into Cuba, aimed to kill Castro. Not only was Oswald an innocent man, he was framed in Dallas. He was a patriot who, had he defended himself, would have led to our deaths. We had endured the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and the threat of communism spreading throughout Central and South America. I have been unable to speak about this for all these years, and indeed went into hiding after the events of Nov. 22-24, 1963. I am writing this to let light fall at last upon what must have seemed my many mysterious activities even in high school--such as meeting with Nobel Prize winners in St. Petersburg, and why I was never to become a doctor or research scientist. My book will come out next year, we believe, dealing with these events, and of my love affair with Lee. A little more biography: AA degree in 1965 from U of FL Gainesville. rec'd a B.S. degree in anthropology U of Houston. Rec'd M.A. from University of Central Florida in Creative Writing/Linguisitics. ABD/Ph.D. University of Louisiana. Had five children: Susan-- M.A. Creighton U.: she has three children. Josiah has six degrees. Professor at U. of Central FL, economics. World traveled, Has two children. James; graduated valedictorian (rank #1), SE H.S. 1991. Won Gold Feather Award. Has B.S. & M.A. from Vanderbilt U. Computer guru. Has two children.. John: graduated valedictorian SE High school 1992 (rank #0, a 'higher' rank than #1, as he also graduated PRIOR to H.S. graduation from MCC with an AA in engineering and had a GPA that was off the chart). Won Golden Herald Award in Mathematics, 1992. Grad. U of Central FL and Penn State with MS in computer engineering. Does classified work for the government. Sarah: graduated 1998, valedictorian of her class at North Central HS, Lafayette area, Louisiana. Married and attends U of LA in Lafayette. Plans to become a professional artist. Just as her siblings did, she attends on full scholarships. Was married 24 years -- divorced after I left the Mormon Church, which we had both joined in 1969 (I wanted to clear my conscience of the project and the pain of it all--I had seen Lee get shot on TV, and I needed a new start in life). I had married Robert Baker just after meeting Lee, and had planned to divorce him after Lee and I fell in love (Lee was not getting along with his wife at all). Lee Oswald had been sent into Russia so that he could then be sent into Cuba. But the Kennedy assassination trapped us. Lee was a handy scapegoat. He knew he was going to be set up, but hoped he could do something to save Kennedy. This is the man who is blamed for Kennedy's death. The cruelty of the way Lee Oswald was treated is unbelievable to me. I had even met Jack Ruby, who had liked Lee. The Mafia knew of us. Forced Ruby to murder Lee, or they would have exposed his part in everything, as he had been a longtime FBI informant. I believe the mob held the lives of his sister, Eva, and of his two brothers, over his head. He knew about the cancer research project. He even thought he had been injected with live cancer cells (he died of sudden lung cancer--which was what our project revolved around originally). Lee was a courageous man -- as will come out soon. I really don't expect you to believe any of this without documentation and proof. Don't be concerned: I've got the proof. Disinformation people possibly related to the CIA may try to muddy up my reputation. They have even claimed on the internet that I never did any cancer research in high school, and many other lies. It doesn't matter. I have my defenders and I've been able to prove everything I'm saying. . I've lived in Mexico and Norway as well as having traveled extensively. I spent seven years teaching college English in Louisiana and Texas, while gathering witnesses on tape and film who knew about me and Lee. Now I am living in Holland due to harrassment in the U.S. I send my very best wishes to everyone. Judyth (Judy Vary)

Marina Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker ~1961

(10/25/03) Dear classmates: I graduated from the Class of '61, the best MHS class ever! Fond memories of friends, football games, and treasured teachers will be with me everywhere I go. I am presently living in Holland, in Haarlem. I have been selling my paintings worldwide for some time, and in March, after visiting Europe again, decided to move to Holland. I have opened an art gallery here. However, I am also the Curator of The Lee Harvey Oswald Museum, located at 136 Kl. Houstraat, Haarlem 2011DS, The Netherlands. Here memorabilia and evidence of the Kennedy Assassination and evidence and souvenirs from my relationship as Lee Harvey Oswald's lover in the last seven months of his life are on display. I advised you some time ago that something interesting would be happening. I can finally talk about it. Nigel Turner Productions (a sterling British producer) filmed Lee's and my love story -- and proof of Oswald's innocence --for the documentary series THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY. This is Episode Eight, called THE LOVE AFFAIR (the title might change). It will broadcast on The History Channel as part of the Fortieth Anniversary of Kennedy's demise. I will also be bringing out a book in America and elsewhere. We also want to have a movie made of the matter: Oswald was a brave man whose life was astonishing. I've had some adventures, myself, which would surprise you. I love my country, and everything I engaged in, as well as Lee, was as patriots. I would love to hear from my classmates. I have been attacked on the internet by a variety of people who have never even met me, whose books or theories get a beating when the truth comes out, but that goes with the territory. I wish to thank all of you who have corresponded with me, and especially those who advised me when a nosy guy bothered some of you asking about my 'bizarre' story. It was only bizarre to those who didn't want the truth to get out. As you know, I've always had a warm, warm spot in my heart for Manatee High. Now it's time to say, "Thank you," for all those great memories. I have located a lot of friends but still don't know where Charles Throckmorton, Carl Rader, Tony and Vincent Lopez-Fresquet, Al Freeman, David Tracy, Burton Epel, Bruce Korth, Frank Snydle, Robert Conner, Jim Richeson, Bob Sitch, Gene Courson, and Pete Rowe might be.

UPDATE: (11/09/03) To all: BELOW, ARE SHOWINGS FOR THE LOVE AFFAIR...with one hour of additional new material on either side of THE LOVE AFFAIR, at the times shown below.........all three hopefully you'll see....THIS IS THE NEW SERIES OF THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY....on top of this, the six earlier segments will also be shown, mostly in the middle of the week. THE SCHEDULE FOR THE LOVE AFFAIR SEGMENT, WHICH FOCUSES ON LEE AND ME, AND NEW EVIDENCE OF LEE'S INNOCENCE, and for the new hour long shows on each side of it, HAS BEEN EXPANDED... ...they were originally scheduled only for Nov. 17 and 21,, . which was nice, but now it seems more showings have suddenly appeared... or else my computer is playing a joke on me! Here, apparently, is the new schedule (Eastern Standard Time) can be verified by the link below, which a friend just sent to me....thanks a million, Mr. E ! MONDAY NOV. 17....9:00 PM TUESDAY, NOV. 18 (EARLY, EARLY!) 1:00 AM (is this 10:00 California time? think so) FRIDAY NOV. 21 ...10:00 PM SATURDAY, NOV. 22 (early, early!) 2:00 AM SATURDAY, NOV. 22 5:30-6:30 PM have to admit --- am flabbergasted.....===Judyth====

UPDATE: (11/29/03) Thank you for your response regarding Judyth Vary Baker. I can, without hesitation say that Judyth is 60 years old. I can also attest that she is telling the truth. I want to say that the format Mr. Turner used was to simply let Judyth tell her story. If anyone who choses to debunk her...then I ask this...when did you speak with her in person? When did you examine the mounds of evidence she has? Why would she bring the attention to herself and cause pain to herself and her family, if she was only fabricating a "story"? What good could come of that? I know very well that Judyth has evidence. Mr. McAdams has spent the past couple of years doing everything in his his power to debunk her...why shouldn't he? Her story tears holes in his book, and he has been on a mission to stop her from getting her story told. Has he ever spoken with her? No. Has he ever even laid eyes on the evidence she has to support her story? No. How can I be so sure of this....because I am her sister. I am 59 years old, and I am not a younger sibling who was brought up on "hearsay" about what my sister did in her youth. I lived her high school years with her. I know about her cancer research and how she was courted by many scientific researchers who wanted to learn more from her and who were amazed with her intelligence and her knowledge in that field. I know how she has suffered to keep quiet. I know how many times she has had death threats made to her so she would keep quiet. I thank Mr. Turner for letting her tell her story. Unlike Mr. McAdams, Mr. Turner has spent endless hours talking with Judyth. He has spent endless hours pouring over her evidence which supports what she has said. He has spent endless hours researching her background and the evidence she holds to prove her involvement in this matter. I am not proud that my sister was LHO's mistress, but I wonder what anyone else in her position would have done at age 19. Most 19 year olds have a vague idea of what they want to do with their lives. Judyth had been placed in a very unique position to get her involved, and the "carrot" that was dangled in front of her was based on promises to receive an education in her field of expertise. Plus, she felt honored to help her Government, and they stroked her ego quite well to get what they wanted from her. She was naive, and she was used. But I know she loved Lee, and he loved her, too. That will never change, although I wish it had never happened. So thank you History channel for having the backbone to air this segment. For those who want proof or evidence from Judyth that she is telling the truth ( and there is so much more you haven't heard), she is having her book published hopefully in the spring. Sorry Mr. McAdams, you couldn't stop her this time.
Tracy Waiters
Hello everyone, I'm Tracy Waiters, star fullback on the '83 state championship team, currently living in Punta Gorda, Fl. I attended the University of Miami 84-88, playing on the '87 National Championship team as well as a tryout with the NFL Cincinnati Bengals in '89. I graduated in Dec. '88 from the University of Miami with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I worked for United Parcel Service for 13 years and now I'm currently working at PGT Industries in the Venice / Sarasota area.
David J. Wallace%20
Spent a lifetime in the military--Army and Air Force, retiring in Sep of 01 as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Along the way I picked up a BA in English at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY and a MPA in Urban, State, and Federal Governance from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA.  Jeanne Parrish wouldn't believe it, but my last military assignment was as Deputy Director of Communication Studies (she probably doesn't believe the BA in English either) at the USAF Air Command and Staff College in Montgomery, AL.  Married to Dr. Linda Fisher (Ed.D) of Chagrin Falls, OH for over 27 years who teaches nursing at Indiana University, Kokomo.  We have two wonderful kids, Channie (analyst for Accenture, graduate of Purdue University) and Jeremy (forensic anthropology major, University of Tennessee--you've seen Bone Collector?).  Major hobby is music--playing trumpet and singing--converted from trombone due to lack of space in the barracks while in the army, but I'll play a 'bone any time I can borrow one.  Returning to Kokomo, IN to start a second career as a civilian.  Got intensely fascinated with Manatee about a year ago--the search continues.  Who's got my Besson 10-10 and what will it take to get it back?
Lyle Betsie Watkins Letterle
1973  graduate from Manatee. 
Three children ages 19, 17 and 10 along with 2 dogs & two cats. 
Resident of Asheville, NC for over 10 years 
Work: American Red Cross and the National Marrow Donor Program
Gary Willingham%20
I'm alive and well and living happily here in Bradenton these many years since my return from the Air Force.  I was there for a while, but I got out, am now married to a lovely lady from Englewood, Ohio, and have a two-story Victorian-style house not far from MHS that I'm fixing up at the present time.  I am working now for Tropicana Products as a Shipping Coordinater; basically just checking the truck loads for the proper product and the proper dates of products to be shipped out everywhere, from coast-to-coast.  I work the 3rd shift, but that does give me time to at least have an evening to enjoy before heading off to work <grin>.  So, I welcome all former class-mates to e-mail me with greetings, stories, etc., and I'll be sure to answer them all.  I hope to meet everyone at the 20-year reunion in 2004, hopefully by then I'll have a house to showcase by that time (here's hoping!).
Mary Jo Willis%20
After a short stint at Wesleyan College, I returned to Bradenton and married my high school sweetheart. Over the next decade we traveled with his employment to many areas of the U.S. and Germany. Three children later I became a busy single parent ... during that decade, besides attempting to keep up with the children,  I became an organizer with the National Organization for Women in the effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (in my spare time?) and earned a degree in business administration at USF in Sarasota. Now, my life is no longer stress-filled and insane. It is joy-filled with my wonderful family (my children, grandchildren and parents), terrific friends and with part-time work in web/desktop publishing - send me your email addresses for the connections page!

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