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The Strong Republic Transit System  




n What is the Strong Republic Transit System?


The Strong Republic Transit System (SRTS) is a project of the Office of the President aimed at providing a reliable, seamless and integrated mass transit system that would be at par with international standards.



The project involves the construction of seven (7) interconnection facilities or links to physically integrate the existing LRT/MRT lines and provide convenience to the LRT/MRT riding public.


The project also includes fare integration of the lines using the Contactless SmartCard Technology to facilitate the transfer of passengers between the existing lines making it more convenient to travel using the railway system.



n New Names


The existing lines has been color-coded for purposes of uniformity and ease of recall.  The following are the new names of the LRT / MRT lines:


Old Name New Name
LRT Line 1 / Metrorail Yellow Line
MRT Line 2 / Megatren Purple Line
MRT Line 3 / Metrostar Blue Line
PNR Northrail Green Line
PNR Southrail Orange Line



n Links


  • Pasay Link (Yellow and Blue Lines)

  • Cubao Link (Purple and Blue Lines)

  • Recto Link (Yellow and Purple Lines)

  • Sta. Mesa Link (Purple and Orange Lines)

  • Magallanes Link (Blue and Orange Lines)

  • Blumentritt Link (Yellow and Orange Lines)

  • Caloocan Link (Yellow and Blue Lines)


n System Map




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