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Morang South, 25 km. north of Melbourne, is on the Plenty River and is between Mill Park and Mernda. Its name derives from the Parish of Morang, which was named after an Aboriginal word thought to mean cloudy or sky. What might have been north Morang in fact is Mernda.

Morang South is situated towards the northern end of the Plenty River Valley growth corridor which during the 1980s was projected to be a major region of new metropolitan settlement. The existence of a flood plain and concerns about loss of natural habitat caused the projection to be scaled back. There is concentrated residential settlement in Mill Park, immediately to the south, but Morang South is incompletely settled, having major public purposes reservations, including Hawkstrowe and Middle Gorge Parks. In its residential area Morang South has a small shopping centre, a primary school (1877) and several reserves, the largest adjacent to the west side of the Plenty River. To the north, where the former Whittlesea railway line and Morang South station were situated there is an electricity terminal station, farm lands and conservation reserves. The former Whittlesea shire built offices and a civic centre next to the terminal station in 1992.

Morang South had a census population of 271 in 1933.

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