The Netezza Performance Server (NPS�) 8000 Series is the first enterprise-class data appliance that delivers 10 to 50 times the performance for large, complex and constantly evolving BI efforts at half the cost of existing systems. The NPS system manages fast data loads and optimizes ad hoc and complex BI queries for maximum performance, transforming the way companies can use their data. Through its Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing� (AMPP�) architecture, the system combines the processing power of SMP with the scalability of MPP to deliver breakthrough price/performance. Netezza�s Intelligent Query Streaming� design implements query functions in silicon and enables intelligent data streaming at the disk level, shattering traditional performance benchmarks by removing many of the technical roadblocks that paralyze today�s patchwork of general-purpose offerings. Built for quick deployment, simple administration and nearly infinite scaling, the NPS 8000 Series is fully compatible with companies� existing BI infrastructures, applications, legacy systems and data. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is a fraction of the cost of solutions currently on the market, making the NPS system an affordable solution for tera-scale BI.

Key Features

    Tera-scale data appliance (DBMS software, system hardware, high-speed storage)
  Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing (AMPP) architecture�best combination of SMP and MPP for tera-scale, complex query processing
  Intelligent Query Streaming�query functions and management implemented in silicon, data streaming at the disk level
  Integrated (appliance) package
  Industry-standard interfaces (SQL, ODBC, JDBC)
  Full compatibility with market-leading BI tools, applications and infrastructure

Key Benefits

    Iterative, real-time analytics�enabling ad hoc queries and complex analytics with terabytes of data
  Performance�10-50x the performance of existing data warehouse solutions
  Linear scalability�from 300GB to hundreds of TB of user data
  Flexibility/agility�easy addition of modular processing units for scalability and reconfiguration
  Affordability�low acquisition and ongoing administration and maintenance costs, including expensive DBA time
  Manageability/ease of use�appliance packaging and pre-tuning limit systems and database administration needs (less than one DBA for ongoing administration)
  Structural reliability�advanced mirroring techniques ensure reliability (full Atomic/Consistent/Isolated/Durable transaction management with RAID and hardware mirroring)

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