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A National Internship Program in Feminism & Public Policy

  • Now Accepting Applications for Spring

Arlington, VA Office: The Feminist Majority is one of four main organizers of the national March for Freedom of Choice this coming April. As such, our spring interns will be devoted to helping us organize campus and community activists for what is expected to be the largest pro-choice march in history! Spring 2004 FMF March for Choice Intern Description for DC Office>>

Los Angeles, CA Office: Our spring interns will be heavily involved in organizing for the March for Freedom of Choice, including helping our Campus Team organize students. In addition, there will be work available on our National Clinic Access Defense project, and in helping conduct Campus Health Center emergency contraception surveys. Internships with Ms. magazine are also available in LA through our Ms. office.

The Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation seek highly motivated undergraduate students who aspire to become leaders in the feminist movement to serve as interns in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices.

The Feminist Majority Foundation, one of the nation's leading research and advocacy organizations for women's rights, develops creative long-term strategies and permanent solutions for the pervasive social, political, and economic obstacles facing women. Through educational and research projects the Feminist Majority Foundation seeks to transform the public debate on issues of importance to women's lives. The Foundation also publishes Ms. Magazine in editorial offices in Los Angeles and publishing offices in the greater DC area. Get more info on FM/FMF and its campaigns>>

Intern Testimonials

Hear what past interns had to say about their internship experiences...

Summer 2003 Weblog

Spring 2003 Testimonials

2003 Pictures

Camilla Yamada, Summer 2002

2002 Pictures

Elizabeth D. Arend, Summer 2001

Jill Teehan, Summer 2000

Tiffany Jones, Fall 1998

"I learned more about the Feminist Majority's campaigns during my internship, but most importantly I was fortunate to join a team of diverse women working toward a common goal. I was inspired by their dedication and appreciated their encouragement, as I became more confident in my own leadership skills and found my own place in the feminist movement." - Elizabeth D. Arend, Summer 2001

When it comes to learning the skills needed to fight for equality and women's empowerment, the Feminist Majority's Intern Program is hard to beat. Each year, dozens of young women take their summer vacations or a semester's work/study program to work at the Feminist Majority's offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. Their contributions -- including work on the development of FMF's website -- benefit us all.


Full-time internships, which run for a minimum of two months, are available year-round.

We prefer that interns work 35-40 hours/week. We offer full-time internships during summer and full or part-time internships during spring and fall.

Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation internships provide students with a behind-the-scenes look at the women's movement. Each intern is given a wide variety of responsibilities, such as monitoring press conferences and public hearings, researching, writing, policy analysis, and organizing events and demonstrations. Current FMF project areas include (please see Spring 2004 special descriptions above for projects interns will be working on):

  • Campaign to Help Afghan Women and Girls - participate in the largest U.S. campaign to restore the rights of Afghan women and girls.
  • Campus Program - work with FMF's campus staff to launch pro-choice student groups on college campuses nationwide. Work on current campus initiatives including: Prescribe Choice, Emergency Contraception Over-the-Counter, and Get Our Her Vote Campaigns.
  • Feminist Majority Foundation Online - be a part of an award-winning web team. Plan, organize, and market FMF's website; research potential partnerships with other websites, participate in online discussions of feminist topics, and contribute new content to FMF sites.
  • Million4Roe Campaign - work on the Feminist Majority's campaign to block judicial nominees who do not support Roe v. Wade and raise awareness about the impending threat to legal abortion and the role of the Supreme Court in affirming/overturning Roe v. Wade. Help activate volunteers, conduct research, write educational materials, and organize occasional petitioning events.
  • Ms. Magazine - work directly with Ms. Magazine staff including the Editor-in-Chief, gaining experience in magazine marketing, advertising, writing, researching, and other areas of publication. Applicants with experience in both journalism and feminist activism will be given priority.
  • National Center for Women and Policing - a unique opportunity to contribute to a program working to increase the number of women in law enforcement and improve police response to domestic violence. Support the planning and administration of our annual leadership conference and perform research on police related issues, including police family violence and physical agility testing.
  • National Clinic Access Project - be a part of the nation's largest and oldest clinic defense team. Research and collect data on anti-abortion violence directed at health care workers and patients; monitor anti-abortion websites and literature.
  • Press Team - work with media contacts and on press events and monitor media coverage of women's issues.
  • Rock for Choice - help organize FMF's innovative concerts to educate the public about the threat to legal abortion, mobilize support for reproductive rights, and raise money for the National Clinic Access Project.


A number of our interns have received grants or financial aid from their schools to participate in our internship program, as well as earning course credit. Before deciding that you cannot afford the internship, please contact your school's financial aid office to see if they can offer any assistance. Both our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices provide opportunities to earn expense money by doing up to 10 hours a week of administrative work at $8.00 an hour.

Amy Myers & Gloria Steinem, Sum '02


Undergraduate feminist women and men in all majors are encouraged to apply. We prefer applicants who have experience working on women's issues on campus and/or in their communities, or through a previous internship or job. The Feminist Majority Foundation is committed to diversity and encourages applications from people of color, people with disabilities, and math/science majors.


Mail or email your resume, writing sample (3-5 pages on a topic pertinent to women's issues), cover letter, and two letters of recommendation to the addresses below. Applications are processed on a rolling basis.

Washington, DC office
Diane Greenhalgh
Feminist Majority Foundation
1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801
Arlington, VA 22209
phone: (703)522-2214
fax: (703)522-2219

Los Angeles Office
Trina Running/Diana Garcia
Feminist Majority Foundation
433 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
phone: (310) 556-2500
fax: (310) 556-2509

If you have further questions about our internship program, please contact the Feminist Majority Foundation.

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