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the Center for Research in Educational and Adaptive Technology-assisted Environments.
ideas that make things possible for students with disabilities.
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Grand Valley State: Allendale Campus at Sunrise

GVSU students seeking accommodations should follow the following links:
link to GVSU Office of Academic SupportOffice of Academic Support.  GVSU's Disability Support OfficeResources and Services.   Application.
full menu follows: grouped as issues, technology, at GVSU, and off-campus.
link to GVSU AT WorkstationsGVSU Assistive Technology Computers. link to Psychological Issues Home Pagedownload Disability Peer research paper.
link to Lab Manual DownloadGVSU Assistive Technology Manuals. link to E-Text Archiveetext directory.
link to Accessible Web Site Construction.Building Accessible Web Sites. link to Campus Accessibility MapCampus Accessibility Map.
full menu follows: grouped as issues, technology, at GVSU, and off-campus.

by issues:
Learning Disabilities
Dyslexia.   Dyscalculia.    Specific Learning Disabilities.    ADHD.  
Physical Disabilities.    Mobility/Dexterity.      Other Physical.     Hearing.      Visual
Psychological Disabilities.    Depression.     Bi-Polar.    Suicide.    Autism.    Post-Traumatic Stress.
Assistive Technology
Build Your Own!.   Software.   Laptops.    Hardware.     Math.    Computer Labs.
e-text Archives. Free Digital Text SourcesCopyright?
World Wide Web.   @create on-line magazine.   Building Accessible Websites.
Universal DesignArchitecture.    Interiors.    Classroom Decoration .   Universal School Design.
Information Technology.   Student Resource.s    Lab Hours.   Tutorials.    Seminars.     Weekly Web Guy.
at GVSU:
Campus Accessibility Map
A Building by Building View   of Accessibility on Campus.
Contact CREATE.   Information Request Form.
About CREATE.   The CREATE Road Map.    Road Map Under Construction/Available Soon.
Faculty Support.   "Otherwise Qualified" .    Accessible Classrooms.    Learn Differently..       Empathy.
Legal IssuesLinks to Rulings
Grand Valley State University.   our University Home Page.   Prospective Students.    On-Line Catalog.
off campus:
K-12 Education
Students.   Parents.   Teachers.   Administrators.    Teacher Education .   Alternatives.
CREATE Bookstore.   Books on DisabilitiesUniversity Bookstore  Allendale/Grand Rapids/Holland.
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site information is below. is a unique research, data collection and information center dedicated to using technology to level the playing field for all students, in school and after graduation.  create seeks common sense, low-tech and high-tech solutions that work for students, educators, institutions, and employers.   create looks at solutions for the physically impaired, the learning impaired, the psychologically impaired, and all students for whom the traditional classroom environment inhibits success.  create webmaster: Ira Socol  616.895.2038
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  207 Manitou Hall  GVSU  Allendale, MI 49401   616.895.2038
Outstanding Web Site Award A Disability Network Outstanding Web Site for 1999
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