are not damaged in any way.  Anyone who damages or destroys any property of the school will be required to pay for the damage.  Any students responsible for vandalism will be subject to severe disciplinary action. 


Corporal punishment is approved by the Anniston City Board of Education as a disciplinary method.  It will be permitted here at Anniston High School.  This method is used generally after other approaches to punishment have failed.  The Principal and Vice Principal may administer corporal punishment.   Parents objecting to corporal punishment must sign the acknowledgment page of this handbook and indicate that corporal punishment is not a preferred discipline option. 


By State Law you are under school supervision from the time you step on the bus in the morning, until you step off in the afternoon.  Bus drivers will report any misbehavior to the Principal.   The following are rules that all students riding the bus should obey: 

1.   The driver is in charge of all students who are riding on the bus.
2.   The driver is authorized to assign seats.
3.   Do not talk or throw things at the bus driver while the bus is in  motion.
4.   Students must ride the appropriate bus each day.
5.   Students are not to get off the bus at any time from the point of  departure until they reach their destination, except in an  emergency.
6.   Students should sit if at all possible.  Those standing should be   as far back in the bus as possible.
7.   All seated students must remain seated until the bus comes to a  full stop.
8.   No student is to have his arms or any part of his body out of the   window at any time.  Do not carry weapons of any kind on the   bus.
9.   Do not be destructive.  Do not chew gum or leave it on the seats.
10.  Do not smoke or bring tobacco in any form on the bus.
11.  Do not eat or bring beverage containers on the bus.
12.   No audio equipment (radios or tape players or walkmans) is  allowed on the bus.