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These pages contain information about the wonderful vector graphics program Expression by Creature House. You'll find tips and tricks, tutorials, and Expression related downloads as well as links to other resources, To find out what makes Expression different from other vector programs, read the section below, "What is Expression?". There is a great review of Expression 3 at Graphics Unleashed.

News Flash!

A new Expression forum is now open at I will be your moderator in the Expression forum. While you're there check out all the other great forums too!


Getting the new builds got you confused?

Confused on how to get those new updates Creature House announces? When CH posts an update for Expression, the announcement often just says to go download it, but they don't tell you where or how. When you buy Expression you are given a download link that is personalized for you. Each person has to use their own link to download so make sure you save it in a safe place so you can easily find it (and cut and paste it into your browser as it is quite long!).

If you have misplaced the link, all you have to do is send an email to and they'll send it to you. They are usually very prompt.



What is Expression?

Expression is a vector graphics program from Creature House that will make you think you're using a paint program. The beauty of Expression is although the illustrations you create are vector, they can also look like paintings or watercolors. But, as with any vector application, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, you can resize to your heart's content without losing any detail because you aren't working with pixels. They can be exported as Adobe Photoshop .psd files, complete with layers and alpha channels, or flattened in your choice of raster formats. You choose the resolution, depending on your final use for the illustration, print or monitor display. You can also export to Adobe Illustrator .ai files and keep the vector qualities and your layers. Using Expression's skeletal strokes and the variable width palette, your imagination is your only limit...and you can define and save your own custom strokes and fills. You can even paint with only a mouse---the variable width palette lets you refine each stroke if you want. Combine these features with a pressure sensitive graphics tablet and the sky's the limit.

Download a trial of the latest version from the Creature House website.



Expression classes are offerered at Eclectic Academy. I have an Expression: Beyond the Basics class currently running. Due to personal time constraints, Beyond the Basics 2 has to be delayed. I am starting to discover that there are only 24 hours in a day, and it's not enough!

Classes are $20, and are 6 weeks in length. All classes run several sessions a year. For more information on enrollment, please go to Eclectic Academy Art Classes listings.

More information on all of the classes I am currently teaching, inlcuding Intermediate Illustrator, Fireworks and Photoshop Elements classes, can be found here.

Expression Beginning Classes: Annie Ford is teaching Expression beginning classes at her website, Studio E3. She has all info on the classes on her page.


What's New?

March 10, 2003: A new Expression forum is now open at I will be your moderator in the Expression and Illustrator forums. While you're there check out all the other great forums too!

My findings on using Photoshop 5, 6, and 7's native filters in Expression 3

David Sell's explanation of file formats

Wineglass tutorial for Expression 3

Tips 'n Tutes: All of the Tips and Tutorials can be accessed from the Tips 'n Tutes page

Don't know what a Skeletal Stroke is and why they're so great? Look here.


Order Expression 3 now!

Expression 3 Tryout Version Download Page

Please visit the Creature House Online Store for detailed pricing and delivery information.


Does Expression run on Windows XP?

I've been running Expression 2 on Windows XP since shortly after the release of XP and it runs very well. In fact even better...that annoying problem where I had no use of Type 1 fonts in Expression seems to have disappeared. Since most of my fonts are type 1, I'm very happy to report that.

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