March 17, 1974 - September 17, 1999

Patrick was one of last of the  Gelderlanders, the base breed for the Dutch Warmblood, in the World.  Famous for the quality of his mares, Patrick remains a huge influence on  Dutch Breeding in North America; in 1999 he was in the Top Ten Stallions List published by the USDF for offspring results.  This progeny continue their success in show rings all over the country, and will carry out his legacy for years to come.

Knollwood Farm purchased Patrick in 1988 as our first approved stallion.  He was originally imported from the Netherlands into Canada, and then lived in the state of Washington before coming to Michigan.  He was a preliminary-level jumper in his day, and although his bloodlines are from the old-time driving horses of Holland (Patrick was line-bred OREGON), his offspring have done extremely well in dressage, jumping and eventing.

Patrick was famous for his presence and intelligence, both of which can be seen distinctly in his babies.  Owners of Patrick horses can pick out another Patrick a mile away! We remember him for the start he gave us, the love for the warmblood horses, and his extreme intelligence.  He always showed an understanding and a pride that captured the attention and sparked the dreams of everyone who had the honor to meet him. No doubt he'll continue to leave his mark through his children and their offspring for generations to come.

We'll never forget you, Patrick....Thanks for everything.

Love Always,
Lyn, Tim, Matt, Colleen, Julia, Robert and Mike












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