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    Java ZX81 emulator page

J-ZX81 version 0.5 beta is now available (17/4/99)

Download it here, and see the readme file for installation instructions.

A selection of my favorite games is available as a zip file, which includes "3d Monster Maze", "Castles", "Bomber", "Chess", "Tetris" and the Artic adventure game series. 

In order to run the emulator you will need a Java 1.1 virtual machine - such as Sun's Java Runtime Environment, available as a free download for Windows and Solaris at www.javasoft.com.  The JRE has been ported to other platforms and other virtual machines exist, use your favorite search engine to find one for your system.

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You can contact me (Robin Sergeant) with comments or suggestions at  rsergeant@clara.net