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Hello and Welcome to the home of the Marmalade Boy Fandub page presented to you by USAnime.

We have just gotten the process of casting up and running, this page..and our crew as well.
Video Dubber: Byron Smith
Executive Producers: Byron Smith and Jodi Scaife
Casting Director: Jodi Scaife
Mail auditions to CrescentMoon@spiritusa.net Many of you know that I am currently in Japan right now, but unlike what I had hoped I don't have access to an Internet connectable computer with a soundcard. Therefore I'm asking you to direct all auditions to Shelly because I can't listen to them even if you send them.^^;;
Ass. Casting Director: Byron Smith
Web page designers: Michelle Sullivan and Byron Smith
Voice Coach: Michelle Sullivan
Script Editing: Jodi Scaife, Michelle Sullivan
*Note*: Our translations are done by Tomodachi Anime

Not much of our cast has been decided yet. Be sure to try out! This is our cast SO far:
Miki: Sasha Arnkoff
Another Wav of Miki: Miki2.wav
Meiko: Michiru Kaioh
Anju: Emily Stauffer
Arimi: Allison Skwarlo
Suzu: Michelle Sullivan
Kei: Byron Smith
Ryouko-sensei: Jodi Scaife
Tsutomu: Brad Lascelle
Another Wav of Tsutomu: Tsutomu02.wav
Jinny: Nikki Davis

More to come! ^^

Marmalade Boy is owned by some big company. We do not make any profit off of this fandub at all. It's a FANDUB --By fans for fans. Get it? Got it? Good. ^^

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