Table of Contents

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The Original Roman Army Section

Introduction to Original Roman Army Section
Legion Formations
Gaps in the formation
Alternatives to Gaps: Closing and Re-Opening Them
Alternatives to Gaps: The Articulated Phalan
Spacing of Individual Soldiers
Description of the Century and Maniple
Elements of the Charge
Model of the Charge
The Skirmishers
The Republican Army’s Skirmish Position
The Imperial Army’s Skirmish Position
The Roman Camp
The Cavalry
Enemies of Rome
The Army on the March

March: Basics
March: The Legion Components
March: The Legion's Baggage Train
March: The Whole Army
The Order of March
A Day's March
Supplemental Material Concerning the March

Appendix A:  Descriptions of the March from Various Authors
Appendix B:  Army Animals
Appendix C: Trajectory Calculator
Appendix D: Ballista Calculator
Links and References
Comments by Readers and Responses to Them.

The Update Section

Introduction to the Update Section
The Legion Formation
Elements of Roman Fighting
The Infantry Fighting Model
Cavalry Introduction
Cavalry Details
Cavalry Turmae Fighting Model
The Battle of Pharsalus: Introduction
The Battle of Pharsalus: The Two Armies
The Battle of Pharsalus: Deployment of the Armies
The Battle of Pharsalus: Pre-Battle
The Battle of Pharsalus: The Battle
Line and Unit Replacement
Battlefield Casualties
Pilum Volley and Line Reinforcement

Under Construction

The Skirmishers in the Army Formation
The Officers in the Army Formation
Legion Postings and Lifelines
Deploying the Army for Battle
Camp Dimensions
Miscellaneous Corrections and Additions
Comments about the New Model

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