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These powerful, enchanted creatures are something of an anomaly throughout the land of Azeroth. They are not known for their ill temper, but if provoked, these hulking creatures will defend themselves and their nesting grounds with ferocity. Fond of the legendary "singing crystals" of Stranglethorn, the Basilisk have learned that consuming these crystals will give them exceptional powers to lull their prey to sleep or even turn them to stone. As a side effect of eating the crystals, the Basilisk have mutated: the mystical crystals now grow from their scaly hides, giving them even greater power against their enemies.
Jungle Troll
The Jungle Trolls are dark, superstitious creatures who revel in the hunt and the rigors of personal combat. In ancient times, the Jungle Trolls reigned over the lands south of the Redridge Mountains. Though their glorious kingdoms have since fallen to ruin, they seek to reclaim the dark majesty of their former empire. Equipped with voodoo magics and unparalleled combat skills, these Trolls have become relentless in their efforts to reclaim their jungle homeland.

tranglethorn is a vast jungle south of Duskwood. Once the extended homeland of the mysterious Jungle Trolls, Stranglethorn is now dotted with ancient ruins and crumbling Troll cities. In recent years, the Humans of Stormwind attempted to forge trade routes through this savage jungle. Though they did manage to establish the small port town of Blackwater Cove, they were quickly overwhelmed by a crazed pack of Trolls and driven back to their homeland. In the wake of the Humans' departure, the crafty Goblin Trade Princes arrived on the jungle's shores and quickly set up their mining and deforesting operations. The Goblins have maintained a tenuous hold over these remote facilities, but they remain threatened by the Jungle Trolls' growing obsession with purging their ancient lands of any and all foreign invaders.

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