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Windows XP

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Windows XP


Windows eXchange - Windows 98
Windows 98 Desktop Transformation

This site is dedicated to all the guys and girls out there with your slow Dial up accounts and your shitty phone lines, hi your just like me, and your not left out when you want to download XP and can't cuz your download rate sucks.

Well this page is the solution to your problems we offer all the files needed to turn your normal boring Windows 98 Desktop into Windows XP featuring the Luna interface =). Well it may not be full blown XP but its the closest I've done. Download these files and follow the instructions and your good to go.

Below are the shots of my Windows 98 Se desktop transformed into the Windows XP desktop pretty neat eh? they are some draw backs running Windows Blinds does take up some memory resources of your computer to have your desktop looking like XP you will have to leave it on.


Shall we Start? -

The above images are pictures taken of my old boring Windows 98 SE desktop, as you can see it kind of, looks like XP, but not full blown, its a cheap way of giving you the XP look lol.

You will need to download these files first before you can proceed to change your desktop to look like Windows XP, After you have downloaded all of these files go to the next step >

The Wallpapers (Assorted Wallpapers)
Luna Theme (215kb)
Windows Blinds

Go to the folder where you downloaded WindowsBlinds too, and install it , and follow the instructions, after you have done that, go in the WindowsBlinds options and go to install skin from disk and then specify where you downloaded the Luna Theme to, and then select it and click Apply or Ok, and how you have finished transforming your desktop partly . Proceed to step 2.

After that is finished proceed to unzipping the Wallpaper File to any folder, and then after that go to Display Properties, and click Background, and then click Browse and go in the folder where you put those unzipped wallpapers, and when you found it click ok, and then click ok again.



ObjectBar - your alternative Windows XP eXPerience

Feeling a bit more adventurous? You can try out Object Bar from the creators of Windows Blinds.

After over a year of development, Stardock has made a beta of ObjectBar publicly available.

ObjectBar lets users replace or extend their existing Startbar. It can skin the system tray and provides nearly unlimited desktop customization options. 


It can make your Windows 98/ME/2000 system look just like Windows XP or make Windows XP (and all other versions of Windows) look like a new completely original operating system. Try it for yourself!

Below are the download links. Install the EXE and follow the on screen instructions and your should be set :)

ObjectBar Beta

Contact NeoWEB on #WindowsXp or #Winxp, or icq - 6341988 or by e-mail @