voiceglo customers have a choice of either a state-of-the-art USB Phone* for use on any Internet-connected PC or laptop, or a discounted multimedia terminal adapter ("MTA") that converts your existing home or office phones for use with the voiceglo digital phone service.

Use our USB Phone on any* Internet-connected PC or Laptop

This state-of-the-art USB Phone delivers superior sound quality coupled with plug and play technology. Just plug the phone into the USB port of any Internet-connected PC or laptop and talk with your voiceglo service!
*USB Phone currently compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Macintosh and Linux support coming soon.

Connect your existing home or office phones with our
Multimedia Terminal Adapter

Our MTA connects to a broadband Internet line to convert analog voice signals from a regular home or business phone to digital signals for transmission to the voiceglo network. With an MTA, your computer isn't required to be turned on for you to make or receive phone calls; you simply use your existing telephones to talk.

Our MTA will provide you with the ability to share your Internet connection between your computer and your voiceglo phone service. Just connect your PC and your existing phone(s) to the voiceglo MTA, and you will be able to surf and talk at the same time.

* Free equipment available on voiceglo Giant Local, voiceglo Buddy Pak, voiceglo End of Long Distance, voiceglo Giant Local Biz and voiceglo End of Long Distance Biz.

Try voiceglo for 14 Days
If not completely satisfied with our service Just return your equipment for a full refund.

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