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xbox VGA cable

To make an xbox VGA cable you will need the following:

standard xbox A/V cable [part no. X08-47696] $14.95 from BestBuy

standard PC monitor extension cable (so you can have a female VGA end connector)
The female connector seemed to be the most compatible because it gives the xbox the same gender as a VGA video card.

<not pictured>
Stereo audio cable with RCA connectors. I used an extension type cable here too so I could have female RCA ends.

Use wire cutters to cut the A/V cable just above the xbox AVIP connector. Pull the metal connector out of the plastic sleeve. Disassemble the connector and un solder the wires from the connector. Leave the single loop wire on (the one that's on the connector at both ends). It should look like this when you're done:

The picture above shows two loops soldered on the connector. We'll solder the second one on next.

Using the
AVIP and VGA pinouts we can figure out how to wire the cable.

<cable wiring here>

Here is the completed xbox VGA cable:

With the cable plugged in and the xbox powered on we can see the xbox startup screen. The dash board seems to go back to a 15KHz sync. When a game is loaded it goes back to 31KHz. Here are some outputs of DOA3:

As you can see the video on the xbox is green. If you play the demo through some scenes have red and blue in them so the cable is wired correctly. I believe MS has disabled VGA support by changing the palette to mostly green. If this is true then when the OS is hacked VGA output can be restored to full color, and the dashboard can be fixed to output at 31KHz.

Please let me know how the cable works for you and how it works with other games.

Some things to try would be wiring up a switch on the third mode line, that way you could boot the xbox in standard composite video mode then switch to VGA after a game has started. The PIC microcontroller handles the AVIP mode lines and if they are all open it will power down the xbox and show an orange status light.

Happy Hacking -PiXEL8

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