The Urantia Book and the Bible: A Comparative Study of
The Life and Teachings of Jesus
Dr. William S. Sadler, 1964
(Adapted by David Kantor, 1997)

New Testament Accounts of the Life of Jesus
Not Found in The Urantia Book
by Dr. William S. Sadler

Fundamental Divisions of the Life of Jesus:
An Approach to a Comprehensive Study


1. Introductory Background to the Life of Jesus

PAPER 120 The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

PAPER 121 The Times of Michael's Bestowal

2. The Life of Jesus: Birth Through Age 29

PAPER 122. Birth and Infancy of Jesus

PAPER 123. The Early Childhood of Jesus

PAPER 124. The Later Childhood of Jesus

PAPER 125. Jesus at Jerusalem

PAPER 126. The Two Crucial Years. (14 and 15)

PAPER 127. The Adolescent Years

PAPER 128. Jesus' Early Manhood

PAPER 129. The Later Adult Life of Jesus.

3. Early Travels and Teachings

PAPER 130. On the Way to Rome.

PAPER 131. The World's Religions.

PAPER 132. The Sojourn at Rome

PAPER 133. The Return from Rome

PAPER 134. The Transition Years.

PAPER 135. John the Baptist.

5. Personal Preparation for Public Ministry

PAPER 136. Baptism and the Forty Days.

PAPER 137. Tarrying Time in Galilee

PAPER 138. Training the Kingdom's Messengers.

PAPER 139. The Twelve Apostles.

PAPER 140. The Ordination of the Twelve.

7. Beginning the Public Work

PAPER 141. Beginning the Public Work

PAPER 142. The Passover at Jerusalem

PAPER 143. Going through Samaria.

PAPER 144. At Gilboa and in the Decapolis

PAPER 145. Four Eventful Days at Capernaum

PAPER 146. First Preaching Tour of Galilee

PAPER 147. The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem.

8. Training of Evangelists and Expansion of Ministry

PAPER 148. Training Evangelists at Bethsaida

PAPER 149. The Second Preaching Tour

PAPER 150. The Third Preaching Tour

PAPER 151. Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside

PAPER 152. Events Leading Up to the Capernaum Crisis

PAPER 153. The Crisis at Capernaum

PAPER 154 Last Days at Capernaum

PAPER 155. Fleeing through Northern Galilee

PAPER 156 The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon

10. Mount of Transfiguration

PAPER 157 At Caesarea-Philippi

PAPER 158. The Mount of Transfiguration

PAPER 159. The Decapolis Tour

PAPER 160. Rodan of Alexandria

PAPER 161. Further Discussions with Rodan

PAPER 162. At the Feast of Tabernacles

PAPER 163. Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan

PAPER 164 At the Feast of Dedication

PAPER 165. The Perean Mission Begins

PAPER 166. Last Visit to Northern Perea

PAPER 167 The Visit to Philadelphia

PAPER 168. The Resurrection of Lazarus

PAPER 169. Last Teaching at Pella

PAPER 170. The Kingdom of Heaven

12. Events Leading up to Jesus' Arrest

PAPER 171. On the Way to Jerusalem

PAPER 172. Going into Jerusalem

PAPER 173. Monday in Jerusalem

PAPER 174. Tuesday Morning in the Temple

PAPER 175. The Last Temple Discourse

PAPER 176. Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet

PAPER 177. Wednesday, the Rest Day

PAPER 178. Last Day at the Camp

PAPER 179 The Last Supper

PAPER l80. The Farewell Discourse

PAPER l81. Final Admonitions and Warnings

PAPER 182. In Gethsemane

13. Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus

PAPER 183. The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

PAPER 184. Before the Sanhedrin Court

PAPER 185. The Trial before Pilate

PAPER 186. Just before the Crucifixion

PAPER 187. The Crucifixion

PAPER l88. The Time of the Tomb

14. Resurrection and Appearances to Believers

PAPER 189. The Resurrection

PAPER 190. Morontia Appearances of Jesus

PAPER 191 Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders

PAPER 192. Appearances in Galilee

PAPER 193. Final Appearances and Ascension

15. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth

PAPER 194. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth

PAPER 195. After Pentecost

16. Midwayer Reflections on the Life of Jesus

PAPER 196. The Faith of Jesus


1. The Prologue to Gospel of John. John 1:1-l8

2. Preface to Luke's Gospel. Luke 1:1-4

3. The Genealogies of Jesus. Matt. 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38

4. First Cleansing of the Temple. See Page 49 for explanation.

5. First Nazareth Rejection. See Page 38 for explanation.

6. Feeding the Four Thousand. Matt. 15:32-38, Mark 8:1-9

7. The Bethsaida Blind Man. Mark 8:22-26

8. Forgiveness and Faith. Luke 17:1-l0

9. Cursing the Fig Tree. Matt. 21:18-19, Mark 11:12-14

10. Withered Fig Tree. Matt. 21:20-22, Mark 11:20-25

11. The Foolish Virgins. Matt. 25:1-13

12. The Last Judgment. Matt. 25:31-46

13. Serpents and Deadly Poisons. Mark 16:15-18

14. The Jews' Rejection of Christ. John 12:37-50

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