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Links to Other Community Building Resources:

FCE's New Official Web Site
Is found at http://www.fce-community.org

Community Building Website-Vision-Nest - Virtual Community of Community-Builders

Community Building:Renewing Spirit & Learning in Business - Anthology edited by Kazimierz "Kaz" Gozdz (essays by 28 contributing authors including Scott Peck and Peter Senge).
http://w ww.newleadersnet.org/nln/books/bld-t.html
See also:http://www.netbiz.com/imp/rbaispeach/

Community Building In Britain - Peter Cooper's Page describes the FCE-like activities in Britain.

Chris Clarke: Community Building - A weekend Community Building Experience will be held at Park Place, Wickham (near Fareham), UK, June 22-23, 1996, based on the work and ideas of Scott Peck, with facilitators from FCE.

Community Building - Alliance for National Renewal - brings together a network of people and organizations who want to better their communities

Community Building - Processes address the "how to" of establishing community where there may be little or none.
http: //www.ciesin.org/kiosk/publications/94-0033.txt

Communities On-Line/Community Networks: Community-Based Computer Networks (Thesis).
http: //

Community Building anthology- What does it take to develop a sense of community in today's productivity-driven workplace? . What processes and priorities can we establish so we can have work situations where we feel connected, supported, and safe with our co-workers?
http://vision-nest. com/cbw/CBBook.html

Community Building Resource Center- Reading list, Annotated online resources, Book reviews, List of community-building institutes and centers.

You Mean We Have to Keep on Growing? - by Ed Groody - FCE Facilitator, and Director of The Leadership Group, an organization development consulting company, in Knoxville.

Intentional Communities: Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events. All events listed here are taken from Communities Magazine

COMMUNITY BUILDING WORKSHOP SERIES - a truly healthy workplace...a place where there is authentic communication... a commitment to speaking frankly and...

The Institute of Culltural Affairs
The Institute of Cultural Affairs. Taiwan. Upcoming Programs. Technology of Participation. Facilitators Forum Meeting on December 4. Group Facilitation...

M. Scott Peck - The Joy Of Community
Are organizations beset by demons and in need of exorcism? M. Scott Peck says they are - and that community is their salvation....

Quality Communication
Quality Communication. When we talk about community at FCE we are note referring to any aggregate of people but..

Intentional Community Resources
Intentional Community Resources - a collection of local to global community resources ...

Phil's Scott Peck Page
M. Scott Peck. M. Scott Peck was educated at Harvard and Case Western Reserve. He was a pyschiatrist in the army from 1963 to 1972, and then had his own...

Donna's thesis - sense of community
Cohousing Thesis - SENSE OF COMMUNITY. What is Community? Just what is this "sense of community" and how can it be achieved? ...
http://olympus.cs.ucdavis.edu/cohousing/donna_thesis /th_community.html

Common Bond Institute
5th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution. May 8 - 18, 1997 St.Petersburg, Russia. LIST OF ENDORSERS. Association for Humanistic...
Circle of Friends
Circle of Friends. A non-profit charity organization which supports philanthropic interests and professional activities ...

SEARCHING FOR COMMUNITY 45 minute video, produced by The Parish ;of Trinity Church/NYC, National Cable Coalition and Foundation for Community...

Village: Communications
The Village. A set of links to topics of interest to the Self-Sufficient Sustainable Village. Communications Top of this page | Archives | Electronic...

CB Book Authors: Kazimierz Gozdz
Kazimierz "Kaz" Gozdz. wrote the chapter:Creating Learning Organizations Through Core Competence in Community Building. He is a specialist in creating...

Out Doing It:Civility Page
Welcome to Out Doing Its' Civility Page... FCE - The Foundation for Community Encouragement. Children Learn What They Live. Peace Ideas. (C) Copyright Out.

Creating Learning Organizations
Creating Learning Organizations Through Core Competence in Community Building. by Kazimierz Gozdz. This document is a revised version of the chapter...

On-Line Community

The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold - Bibliography.

Islands on the Infobahn/Islands off the Infobahn- Community is in short supply," said Alvin Toffler. Many modern societies have made building a sense of community a difficult task.

Civic Networks- Social Benefits of On-Line Communities.

Community: An abridged bibliography- Hundreds of people have written about community and online community. These have been especially important in my thinking...

Intentional Community

Communities Magazine - Intentional Communities.
http://www.well.com/user/cmty/fic/cmag/86/GstEd86.html .
See Also http://www.well.com/user/cmty/fic/cmag/86/index.html

Intentional Community Directory - Comprehensive directory of intentional communities.

Community Networking Resources - Fellowship for Intentional Community. The Community Center. Nauticom.

Community Networking Resources - Fellowship for Intentional Community. The Community Center. Nauticom.

The Cohousing Network Web Pages - base page for Cohousing Network.

Intentional Communities Questionnaire - These issues should be of concern to people interested in shared or communal living.

SENSE OF COMMUNITY -Donna's thesis - [Cohousing] What is this "sense of community" and how can it be achieved?

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FCE is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 by M. Scott Peck and others to teach community building methods as in Scott Peck's books Different Drum and World Waiting to be Born.

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