Myah was born in Honolulu. Her proudest accomplishment is founding/establishing a multi-cultural residence hall while studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Lewis and Clark College. She has received the NASPA Minority Undergraduate Fellowship, the Marrion Maccarell Scott Scholarship, the Hans and Clara Zimmerman Foundation Grant, and the Lewis and Clark Troy Ridenour Honors Foundation Award. Myah has volunteered her time to the American Red Cross, the Portland Public Schools, the International Dyslexia Foundation, the Self-Enhancement Center, and Independent Living Resources. Her hobbies are writing poetry, community/volunteer work, visiting antique stores, exercise and sports, knitting, and learning to cook different cuisines. She has had training in Hula and Polynesian dancing, ballet, acting/drama, and guitar lessons, and in five years she hopes to be completing PhD work in Intercultural Communications.

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