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6th February 2004
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Craig Doyle
The heights of the Himalayas got it a number 30 ranking.

It doesn�t get any higher than this! We have all heard of the mighty Mount Everest, the world�s highest peak which can be found on the crest of the great Himalayas between Nepal and China.

Everest reaches a staggering height of 8,846 metres, (29,023 feet).

Climbers have been scaling Everest since the 1920s although the summit was not reached until Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing conquered it in 1953. Since then over 1562 people have reached the summit making it one of the busiest peaks in the Himalayas, although realistically, this is a climb that only professionals could attempt.

There are many other sizeable peaks in the Himalayas. More than 10 of the peaks are over 8000 metres high, and some of them have still not been successfully conquered.

But you don�t have to climb Everest to appreciate it. You can always fly past it, or view it from various popular mountain viewpoints such as Nagarkot near Kathmandu.

If you fancy being slightly more adventurous, you could try trekking, but if that doesn�t take you high enough, climbing is the only option, but beware, you will need to have a healthy bank balance as the Nepalese government will charge you around £16,000 for the privilege.

All prices are approximate, and provided as a guide only. Always double-check prices with individual organisations. Please note that the BBC is neither responsible for, nor endorses the external sites shown on this page.

Price: Flights around £750 return to Kathmandu

Approx flight time: London to Kathmandu takes about 10 hours 15 minutes

  • the word Himalaya is Sanskrit for 'abode of snow'
  • the largest volcano on Mars is about three times the height of Everest
  • British climber George Mallory who mysteriously disappeared on Everest said that he was climbing Everest 'because it�s there'
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GMT = 5.45 hours ahead

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Typhoid, Hepatitus A, Yellow Fever recommended, Dip, Tuberculosis Hep B, Japanese B encephalitis and Rabies sometimes recommended

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