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Edition Wagenfeld

Wagenfeld Edition - a design classic now available again

Wilhelm Wagenfeld
It can be found in the Museum of Modern Art, at world exhibitions and triennials, on stamps and company logos�the Wagenfeld teapot. It was designed in 1931 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the BAUHAUS pioneer of modern industrial design. The glass teapot was his first independent design for the Jenaer Glaswerk SCHOTT und Gen. It was followed by the complete Wagenfeld tea collection. Respecting the BAUHAUS concept, Wagenfeld exploited the functional and aesthetic possibilities which the material offered and thus achieved an optimum combination of form and function.

The Wagenfeld teapot
The body of the teapot gives the impression of an organically stretched glass bubble and appears lucid and light. The wide, flat teacups, the milk jug and the sugar bowl supplement the teapot and create a wholly harmonious appearance of the tea-set. The enthusiasm for this timeless Jenaer product has lasted to the present day.

Made with love and care�the WAGENFELD EDITION
The Wagenfeld teapot is still handmade nowadays, just as it was 66 years ago. With great patience, the glass-blower blows the body of the pot and freely attaches the spout. The WAGENFELD EDITION is made with love and care. It consists of the teapot, cups and saucers, dessert plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.

New in the Wagenfeld Edition - the Egg Coddler

Art. No.: 90301/01
  • this classic Bauhaus design was created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1933
  • a multipurpose container in an attractive form, for poached eggs, p�t�, deserts and lots more

You can obtain the WAGENFELD EDITION at your specialist retailers.

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