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  • Tablet PCs - Is anyone listening?
  • PolyGFX Case Skin
  • High-End and Mid-Range Graphics Roundup - Part 1!
  • Tech Papers: ATI Graphics Processors
  • Tech Papers: Nvidia Graphics Processors
  • Thermaltake Giant II Heatpipe Cooler
  • Enermax Noisetaker 475W PSU
  • Cordless Trackman Optical

  • Microsoft leaks details on Xbox Next
  • [UK] Teen hacker avoids jail sentence
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del inventor makes final reboot
  • Microsoft might have a few surprises for the game sector up its sleeve.
  • Intel Signals 64-Bit Offering May Be on Horizon
  • Dutch police arrest 52 in email scam raids
  • Virulent worm targets Microsoft
  • EU's mind 'made up' on Microsoft

  • PolyGFX Case Skin

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 06-02-2004 @ 08:56 GMT

    Hot on the heels of Iceman's Athlon 64 luvvin', we take a look at this funky all-over case applique from the guys at PolyGFX. How easy is it to use, and how darned good does it look? Find out all This-a-way...

    Athlon 64 3200+ & 3400+

    ::posted by:: Fly ::on:: 04-02-2004 @ 23:44 GMT

    Iceman gets all the good stuff to play with!!! Anyway, see what he thinks of AMD's 64bit processors;

    Click for the lowdown

    The Tablet PC

    ::posted by:: Kna ::on:: 03-02-2004 @ 07:52 GMT

    In a move which I'm sure will upset all except the poor suppliers whos products I sometimes slate, I've decided to move on from reviewing for a while to writing articles.

    My first is a delve into the world of the Tablet PC, a product which has had so much bad press in the last 12-18 months it was a wonder I was prepared to pick it up at all. However, I find out that it's not always wise to listen to journalists.

    Find out why.

    Thermaltake Giant II GPU Cooler

    ::posted by:: Kna ::on:: 28-01-2004 @ 20:15 GMT

    Well ok, it's about graphics cards, but unfortunately there's no scantily clad ladies in here. However, if you're looking to cool down a little, then have a nose through this review.

    You've got your big G's
    I've got my heat pipe

    Graphics Madness!!

    ::posted by:: mrhaz ::on:: 26-01-2004 @ 12:45 GMT

    Well, we have not one, not even two, but three graphics articles for you today boys and girls!

    We have put together the first in a series of Tech Papers which outline some of the terminology and technology behind the brands. Find out a bit more about Nvidia's graphics chipsets by clicking Here and find out more about ATI's chipsets by clicking Here.

    To complement those, we've also put together a Group Test of mid-range and high-end graphics boards, taking reference boards based on the 9800XT, FX5950, 9800Pro, FX5900XT, 9600XT and FX5700 chipsets. We've tested them, overclocked them and come out with conclusions as to which chipsets we think are the best for their target markets. Read the article by clicking Here.

    Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, we thought we'd do something to spice up our graphics a little! Graphics tech is supposed to be about making things easier on the eye, so check our our hawt graphics chick Claire, with pics in all three of the articles and a few more in This Forums thread...

    Click for the graphics card roundup.

    More later in the week where we'll be looking at the best individual add-in boards for you money!

    Enermax Noisetaker 475W PSU

    ::posted by:: eddie the dane ::on:: 22-01-2004 @ 18:51 GMT

    Mo Powah!
    Today we take a look at Enermax's new line of PSU's. The Noisetaker promises to fulfill all of your power needs and do it quietly. Let's see shall we?

    Click for mo powah.

    Xice EC600 water cooling kit

    ::posted by:: Cheese ::on:: 16-01-2004 @ 13:39 GMT

    Are you relying on a fan to keep your processor cool? Oh that's so 2003! Introducing the EC600 water cooling kit from Xice:

    Click on the picture above to find out if fanless water cooling is all it's cracked to be.

    Wireless Optical Trackball

    ::posted by:: Macroman ::on:: 13-01-2004 @ 14:45 GMT

    Ever thought about getting a trackball to control your HTPC? Something that can sit on your armchair, has plenty of configurable buttons and is cordless? Well the Trackman Cordless Optical trackball from Logitech could just be what you are looking for. Check out the review here.

    more news...

    review:: Cordless Trackman Optical
    review:: Xice EC600/H WC kit
    review:: M00ie's Molex Plugs

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