1. Pretend that you are going to be a musher in the next Iditarod. Write a short biography about yourself that will appear in the Iditarod brochure.
    2. Write a song about the Iditarod.
    3. Pretend that you are a sports reporter for your local newspaper. Write an article announcing the upcoming start of the race. Be sure to explain the race thoroughly for your readers who do not know about it.
    4. Imagine that you are a dog in a musher's kennel and you do not get chosen to go to the Iditarod. Write a letter telling your musher how you feel.
    5. If you were an Iditarod musher, what would you name the 20 members of your dog team? Explain why you chose your names.
    6. Veterinarians examine the dogs at checkpoints to be sure that they are in good physical condition during the race. Make a list of the things that your would look for if you were a veterinarian and explain why.
    7. Imagine that the dogs in the dog yard could talk to each other. Write a play about the conversation they would have the night before the start of the Iditarod.
    8. Create a four-panel comic strip about an imaginary lead dog. Use cartoon "bubbles" to show what the characters are saying and thinking.