Taken from the Spiritual Scientist Vol.2 No.2


For those of you that are not aware, the experimental group have been conducting regular (twice-weekly) experiments using electronic equipment, to try to open communication 'links' with other dimensions of existence. This has been named 'Trans Dimensional Communication' or T.D.C. for short. The results of nearly 300 hours of research are truly amazing.

After a great deal of thought, all of us feel that we now have sufficient data to share with you all. Sufficient data that also contains interesting information about how these communications have been made possible. This information will also be used as a basis for future presentations to the public along with some video evidence.

We have now, over the past months, received many of these communications, everyone of them different in some way from the next, some have been quite clear and some very faint. This variation in the clarity of these receptions is of course not surprising when you consider everything, but what the most important question of all, is where are these communications coming from?

First instructions.

We first realised things were taking a different direction, when we received a communication (through a trance channel) that purported to be a personality that was not familiar with our physical environment. This we thought as unusual, as most spirit communicators are normally quite at home when they speak to us. This particular 'being' seemed to have difficulty understanding what we all take for granted, i.e. time, light (as we know it) colours, even our physiology confused him. I use the word 'him' loosely, as gender was uncertain. What we found particularly interesting was what he told us about other dimensions of existence and how these 'far off' dimensions (metaphorically), would be attempting to communicate with us in this world. We received, as he told us, several more interesting dialogues with personalities from these 'other' dimensions, all through the altered state of consciousness or 'trance' .

Then followed a number of sessions, where instructions were given to us to put together several pieces of electrical equipment. They explained that this equipment would hopefully enable communications beyond the normally accepted parameters, to take place. Communications that they believed, had never been attempted before. They would be from other areas or dimensions of life, some of a much higher kind, but not necessarily from the after life. These communications would also form 'trans - dimensional links' between other dimensions and these would enable 'chains' to be formed, which, they explained, would remain in situ for other communicators to use.

The S.P.R.

One of these early instructional sessions was in November 1996 and we were pleased to have as our guests, three prominent gentlemen, Montague Keen, Arthur Ellison (Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering) and David Fontana (Professor of Psychology). These gentlemen are members of the Society for Psychical Research, (Prof. Fontana being the current president). They came as individual researchers. It was also very fortunate that we had one of the most eminent electrical engineers present, in the light of what transpired.

It was during that session that an anonymous scientist (a spirit personality, communicating through the altered state) described in detail, a device that was to be constructed. This device would incorporate a piece of Germanium that was to be put under a small amount of pressure. Germanium is a rare metallic element, the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as 'of greyish-white colour found in some minerals and flue dusts from burning certain coals'. The technical requirements and details regarding construction were discussed with Prof. Ellison, who seemed very pleased to be involved in setting up these experiments and excited at the possibilities.

The spirit scientist also explained that some form of amplification would I be necessary, but expressed concern regarding our high mains voltage (250v). This was easily overcome with the help of Prof. Ellison offering to supply a battery-powered amplifier, with a high impedance input (one of the specified requirements). This amplifier was necessary to increase the audibility of the communications and was to be connected directly to the germanium device (the receptor).

Reception not by electronics.

One very important point was made clear to us, that the technology involved in these communications has no parallel in our world and therefore what we are describing here has no basis or 'model' in modern physics. This point was made during the conversation between Prof. Ellison and the spirit scientist, when the scientist made reference to a 'cohera'. Professor Ellison told us that a 'cohera' was something used in conjunction with radio or electromagnetic waves. As these 'waves' pass through the 'cohera', he explained, the bits stick together and conduct. The spirit scientist immediately added that electromagnetic waves (which include radio waves) are not involved in the reception of these communications. He told us all, not to fall into that trap as they are purely spiritual vibrations or waves that will be using the germanium as a point of entry or focus.

This point, I think is worth emphasising, as it is so easy to think of these communications as forms of radio transmissions, which they are definitely not. Radio signals are received using a radio receiver, which is tuned to a particular frequency, or wavelength. The only electronic equipment used in this type of experiment, is the amplifier, this being coupled directly to the germanium receptor. As Professor Ellison explained to us, the germanium receptor as it is, could in no way operate as a receiver of radio signals. Of course, I am not saying that spirit voices or communications cannot be received on radio receivers, they can, but this is by a different means, but more of that later.

The scientist went on to explain some of the fascinating aspects of the proposed 'links' with these distant dimensions. He said that some of the communicators could only speak to us through the germanium receptor, as this provided them with a clearer channel than other known methods. It also helped them to be understood as some form of translation took place through this process, an essential requirement as some of these personalities are not familiar with language.

Construction of receptor.

During the weeks that followed, and with the help of Prof. Ellison, the germanium receptor was constructed. The actual size of the finished device is quite small, about 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches (63 x 32mm.), and has a short length of cable to connect it to the input of the amplifier.(See schematic diagram fig. l). The amplifier has a tape recorder built into it, which enables recordings to be made directly from the source (the germanium), as there is no microphone connected to this equipment. The result, is a recording of the communication only, not the voices of those present during the experiment. The whole session is of course recorded, on a separate tape recorder, giving us valuable information to correlate with the T.D.C.

The first attempts.

We all, including our friends from the S.P.R., all remember quite vividly those first sounds that we heard coming from the loudspeaker, during those early experiments. Noises resembling waves braking on the shore, rushing noises like a gale force wind and others like a steam train pulling out of a station. Professor Ellison explained that this was in fact something termed 'white noise', which can sometimes be heard between stations on a radio. On occasions, faint voices could be heard in the background, but it was impossible to understand what was being said. We had several sessions when this 'white noise' was heard, Sometimes very faint music was present in the background, which was very encouraging for everyone, but nobody was prepared for what was about to happen!


It was at one of the regular sessions we had with the three S.P.R. researchers, at which, they were asked to bring along a sealed Kodachrome film. This film was locked into a wooden box (with a substantial lock, the key being held by only one of the researchers) and placed on the table, where it remained until after the experiment. The spirit communicator (channelled) said that something relating to the TD.C. experiments would be imprinted onto the film, something, he said, that would help to improve the communications, see(fig.2)

As predicted, and as you can see in the photograph, we had indeed received valuable information on that sealed film. It shows the germanium receptor and its connections to the amplifier, but in addition there are two coils joined into the circuit. This film was approximately 20 inches long and contained text initialled by the communicator. This text explained how these two coils should be connected and their positions in relation to the germanium. Again we enlisted the help of Prof. Ellison, who helped us find the necessary components.

At the next session, it was explained to us that an interaction or 'effect' took place between the germanium crystal and the coils. The relative proximity of the coils and their polarity was an important factor in the mechanism required to receive these communications. A coil or solenoid (a coil wound on an iron core) produces an electromagnetic field around itself and this field has a direction of flow and 'polarity', north and south, at each end (see fig.3).

Just to confuse things, remember that in this instance we are not actually referring to electromagnetic fields, but 'energy' fields or patterns. This of course gives rise to many a frown and can cause a lot of misunderstanding. We know so little of what lies behind this material world, this rapidly expanding world of technology, and what is being suggested here is something beyond our own earthly sciences. This requires a willingness to be open to many 'alternative' concepts. So frequently used terms such as 'energy' and 'energy fields' are being used here to describe one of these 'alternative' concepts, only until such time as mankind has a fuller and deeper understanding of these matters.

These 'energy' fields, associated with our coils, behave, we are told, in much the same way as their electromagnetic counterparts, with regard to direction of flow and polarity. As you can see from the illustration, a void is formed where to the two fields oppose each other i.e. like poles repel (remember your physics at school). This 'void' has; been described to us as 'non spin energy space' and is not unknown in other extra dimensional concepts. It is in this void that the germanium is situated, right in the heart of the opposing fields (see fig. 4), where it can detect and absorb the fluctuations in the energies. These fluctuations cause this 'effect' on the germanium crystal to take place, opening the links with these far off dimensions. I imagine this void as a doorway or opening leading to other areas of existence and the germanium as the key that opens this door.

First communication.

I find it hard to describe our reactions after what happened during that session in Jan.'97, surprise, excitement, even stunned, only go some way towards describing them. We had made the modifications to the germanium devise as per the instructions on the film, corrected some minor difficulties we were having with the amplifier and proceeded with the experiment as usual.

The first signs were present, crackles, clicks and the familiar white noise, so the anticipation was high as usual. Everyone was straining their themselves to hear, almost banging heads as they leaned forward to get nearer to the loud speaker! Then with little warning, a faint voice as heard, calling, "Hello".

You can imagine the excitement as this voice became louder. It was a man's voice and yes, who ever he was, he was definitely trying to make himself heard! "Hello, can you hear me?", he kept repeating. He then continued to say the following; (taken from the transcript of the recorded session).


Discarnate personality communicates through germanium 21/1/97

"Hello my friends. Can you hear me ?
I shall continue this transmission in the hope that you can hear me clearly.
You understand my friends, that we are experiencing some difficulties, but we feel sure that these will be overcome. However, we feel we have made considerable progress upon the last attempt to communicate with you.
We have, for some time, been involved in an experimental communication system, and it is this system that we are using now. It is hoped, that in the future, this system will enable us to communicate with those distant dimensions and if all goes according to plan, you will be part of these experiments.
I shall repeat myself and say I do hope that you can hear this communication.
We will stay here for a little longer, please be alert. "


The communication then paused for a short time, then continued, becoming clearer.


"Some time in the near future, there will be many attempts made to communicate with you in this way. There an many people here, who feel as I do, that this work is of the utmost importance to mankind, and therefore are willing to put their hearts into these experiments. Thank you my dear friends, thank you for co-operating with us and giving us this moment of your time.
May peace be with all of you.

God bless you.

The communication then ended after lasting approximately 20 minutes.


Over the past months, we have had long conversations with communicators on this subject of inter-dimensional links. One very interesting conversation concerned man's use of semi-conductors (germanium is also a semi-conductor) and included an insight into the use of other materials (such as carbide) in the future. The possibilities are almost unlimited, given the right circumstances, we are told. They explained to us, as best they could, why the use of semi-conductors will play an important part in future experiments and how some of these 'links' will be made. At their suggestion, we carried out several experiments without the germanium receptor attached to the amplifier. This apparently still allowed some communications to take place, but only those dimensions or levels, that were nearer to our own, would be able to form the necessary links. We have now conducted many of these experiments without the germanium, some of them have been two-way conversations, and some witnessed by members of the S.P.R. and recorded on tape.

At another session, a communicator (not a scientist) explained in simple terms, how it has been possible (and still is sometimes) for us to receive messages on computers, faxes, telephones and tape recorders. In fact any type of electronic equipment, he said, is open to possible interaction, even television and video recorders! We now have evidence to support this! (see Video experiments; article 1 'A project called Alice').

He went on to describe to us (in a very simplified manner) the basic principles of the silicon chip, which uses a semi-conductor (silicon in this case but the theory is the same), and talked to us about something referred to as the 'cut-off point. This cut-off point is very interesting, especially in relation to our other experiments.

As this cut-off point is reached, and as I understand it, this can be due to temperature/pressure (remember the germanium is under a certain amount of pressure), the semi-conductor becomes unstable. This instability is then followed by the 'cut-off, or in other words, shuts down. It is, he explained, this instability or fluctuation in direction that provides a 'point of entry'. This reminded us of the fluctuations in the 'energy fields' that cause the 'void' to be formed in the receptor. Perhaps there are 'doorways' involved here, if so, it would be a possible explanation for E.V.P. which many people report experiencing.

Other groups and similar experiments.

One of the communicators told us that it is possible, other groups would be involved in these types of experiments. These groups would receive their instruction/direction from the personalities that work closely with them. It may, he told us, involve the use of different equipment or even a different technology and people should not assume that they will work in the same way as we do. He said that many individuals will take it upon themselves to set up similar experiments, but it is unlikely that they will be able make any significant progress. To have the desire to get results is not enough on its own, you still need the co-operation of those you are trying to 'link' with, (what we want and what we get are two different things).

We (the experimental group) certainly did not make a conscious decision to experiment in this way. It would seem logical that a more positive and rewarding approach would be to work as a group and follow your helpers/guides instructions. They know a lot more than us about inter-dimensional links (if that is their goal).

In future issues of the 'Spiritual Scientist' we will be giving you details of some of the conversations we have had with our 'friends from beyond'.





fig. 1. Schematic diagram.


Fig. 2. Kodachrome film.



fig. 3. Electro-magnetic fields


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Fig. 4. The Germanium Receptor.   (Click on picture to enlarge)


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