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Amanda Hades

Welcome to the official Pleasure Unit website. Pleasure Unit is a band from the Seattle area that came together in 1994. Pleasure Unit has recorded over 100 songs in the past eight years, completing work on a compilation disc entitled "Accumulator" and several other full-length albums, including their latest release, "Breadwinner Father, Homemaker Mother" (April 2002). For more information on Pleasure Unit's latest projects, keep an eye on the news and albums sections.

11.29.03: It was recently announced that C|Net will be taking over the rights for The move affects Pleasure Unit directly, as we have been hosting a few downloads there for several years now.

The good news is, C|Net has vowed to replace the old service with a new and improved version that is based on the early ideals of the site, promising "to do for musicians what it did for software developers when it launched nearly 10 years ago: give independent artists an affordable way to build a market for their work."

Look for Pleasure Unit material to end up at the new site shortly after it launches. More...


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