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This site is for those researching their Gibney ancestry.  The variant spellings are Gibboney, Giboney, Gibny, McGibney. This site was created with the help of many people adding their own research to this database, for the purpose of helping others.  The information within this site will not be for sale or used for commercial gain.  No information regarding living individuals  will be included in this site.  The confidentiality of the contributing researchers will be kept.  If you would like to contact a particular researcher, contact me first for permission.

Irish Gibney ancestors.  The original home of the Gibneys.  Gibboney, Giboney, McGibney etc. probably originated from Gibney.  Meath, Westmeath and Down are the counties where most of the Gibneys can be found.  This database is of Gibneys with Irish Birth.  No living individuals, spouses, ancestors, descendants and endnotes are included. Revised Oct 3, 1999

Click here for a map showing distribution of Irish births, by time period and frequency.  The program I used to create all of the maps available on this site is called "GenMap UK", written by Stephen Archer.  You can find out more about this wonderful program or other useful genealogical utility programs he has created  at

English Births: Gibneys and their spouses.  These are people known to be born in England to keep the database manageable.  Living individuals are not included.  This list was created by "The Master Genealogist" genealogy program.  This list comes with index, memos, endnotes, and a bibliography, all created by TMG.

Scottish Births: 800+ individuals born in Scotland.  Much of this file was made possible with the help of Mary Gibney-Smith.  Some McGibneys.  Files created by "The Master Genealogist"  Endnotes and source notes included.

EmigrantsOver 200 emigrants.  Included are individuals known to have emigrated from their country of origin.  Dates and ports of embarkation are listed, when known.  Over 800 individuals are listed, spouses, ancestors and descendants of the emigrant.  Revised  Oct 3, 1999

Canadians: Canadian-born Gibneys, (I am one).  192 individuals. Spouses, ancestors and descendants are listed, but no living individuals.  Endnotes, sources, and bibliography are included.  Created by "The Master Genealogist" program.  revised  April 23, 1999

American-born Gibneys: This is an incredibly large file.  It will be broken into 2 files.  Consisting of individuals born before 1899 and those born after 1899.  No information on living individuals will be included.  Ancestors, spouses, and descendants are included, (if not living).  Posted April 25, 1999! These two files are best viewed by scrolling vs. using hyperlinks too much.  (Once a hyperlink is clicked, it takes time for the file to reload to the right point, in the meantime you will probably be sent to the top of the file, while waiting for the reload.)  Patience is needed, remember, this is a HUGE file.

Australian births. 12 individuals so far, including spouses.  Remember that these are native births.  Those immigrating TO Australia will appear in the "Emigration" database.  Revised February 1, 1999.

The "Black Sheep" of the family.  A small file of the Gibneys who have run afoul with the law.  A source for the Irish who were transported to Australia can be found at

"The Master Genealogist"  is the program that I used to keep track of everyone and the sources that I have used.  I sincerely believe that it is the best program available for genealogy.  It is more flexible, more powerful and better at using as a research tool than all the other programs available.  Click on the icon to go to the Wholly Genes webpage to see for yourself.

"Evidence!" Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian, by Elizabeth Shown-Mills is a must for the genealogist that wants to properly cite all of those wonderful sources.  It can be found at

This area is reserved for fellow researchers to freely display the ancestors they are working on.  This will hopefully be a vehicle for getting help from other genealogists.  Simple lists, ancestor charts, descendant charts and messages will be posted.

Christopher J. Gibney has a wonderful site on his own Gibney ancestry.  It traces many of the Gibney family that resided in the Reading, Pennsylvania area.

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