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Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)
THE REVIEW: Samus Aran revisits her first mission on planet Zebes, and the result is the best classic remake money can buy.

Metroid (NES)
RETRO REVIEW: Before our review of Zero Mission, check out our thoughts on the one that started it all.

Metroid II (GB)
RETRO REVIEW: We revisit Samus' first handheld adventure and find it could use a little Zero Mission magic, too.

Super Metroid (SNES)
RETRO REVIEW: Zero Mission is almost here! Check out what EGM had to say about Metroid III in 1994, and our thoughts today.
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EA Joins Marvel For Superhero Slugfest
Providing they don't wind up limited to using the West Coast Avengers...
Xbox Loses Less Money In 2003 Holidays
First Guilty Gear Isuka Tournament Announced
N-Gage Snow Tour '04
EA Joins Marvel For Superhero Slugfest
EA Licenses UEFA Euro 2004
SCEE Debuts New Aqua PlayStation 2
... more >
Recent Highlights: PS2, GameCube Pandora Tomorrow Delayed , Hot Shots Golf On PSP? , Halo 2: A Real Release Date ...more >
The Hot Five
MGS: Twin Snakes (GC)
New Feature Posted on 2.6.2004

 RELEASE DATE: March 2003 

Astro Boy (PS2)
News Article Posted on 1.26.2004


Full Spect Warrior (Xbox)
News Article Posted on 2.5.2004

 RELEASE DATE: 3/24/2004 

Halo 2 (Xbox)
News Article Posted on 1.30.2004

 RELEASE DATE: March 2004 

Silent Hill 4 (PS2)
New Preview Posted on 1.9.2004

 RELEASE DATE: 9/13/2004 
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC)
REVIEWED: The first Final Fantasy on a Nintendo console in years is worth the effort...
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (GBA)
REVIEW: No matter which system you bash them on, the only good kobold is a dead kobold.
R-Type Final (PS2)
THANKS FOR SHOOTING: Get OPM's, EGM's, and GMR's reviews of the last stand against the Bydo Empire.
Recent Highlights: Auto Modellista (Xbox) , Sega GT Online (Xbox) , Mafia (PS2) , Sonic Heroes (PS2, Xbox, GC) , NFL Street (PS2/GC/XBX) ...more >
Tenchu (Xbox)
HANDS-ON: So how does the Xbox version of K2's sneak-a-thon feel? Not all that different, actually. Impressions and pix inside.
Tribes: Vengeance (PC)
THE TRUTH: Want the real story on Vengeance? Honest impressions of Tribes inside.
Pitfall (GC)
COOL: Some unique design choices (like controlling your character's hand with the right analog stick) separate this from the pack.
Recent Highlights: MGS: Twin Snakes (GC) , Lineage II (PC) , Riddick (Xbox) , Nightmare Before Christmas (PS2) , Steel Battalion: Line of Contact (Xbox) ...more >

Packing Heat
WOAH NELLY: 1UP goes one-on-one with Mya, the sultry star of 007: Everything or Nothing.
XBN Wants You!
HEY: Xbox Nation magazine could use some letters and cheats. That's where you come in.
FEATURE: What can a combination of IM, Friendster, and a gaming server browser do for you? Find out inside.
Recent Highlights: The Price Of Compatibility , Afterthoughts: Sonic Heroes , Nintendo DS FAQ , Game Fashions , 1UP Awards , Killzone Interview ...more >

DBZ: Budokai 2 (PS2)
CHEATS: Free capsules, hidden characters, and everything else unlocked!
NFL Street (PS2)
CHEATS: Unlock extra teams including All-Stars and Legends.
Lords of EverQuest (PC)
STRATEGY GUIDE: We go deep inside the world of EverQuest with this guide.
Recent Highlights: Sonic Heroes (GC) , Manhunt Cheats (PS2) , Final Fantasy Tactics Advance , FFX-2 All Chapter Walkthrough , Prince of Persia Guide ...more >

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