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edicated to the worst movie ever made.

Sign the guestbook! Take the poll!Some movies stick in your head forever. Usually it is because they are really good, but in the case of Plan 9 From Outer Space, it's because it's really bad. Extremely bad. But that doesn't make it difficult to watch. It is suprisingly funny, and we would recommend it to anyone. This page has everything you ever wanted to know about the best worst movie ever made.


I have decided to stop updating this page. I won't take it down, so everything that is currently on this page will still be here. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in this page and Plan 9/Ed Wood.


* Info A brief description of the movie.
* Cast A list of every "actor" in Plan 9.
* Ed_Wood_Page Learn all about the worst director in the history of motion pictures. Some call him a failure. We call him a genius.
* Other_Films Find out what other creations came from the twisted mind of Ed Wood.
* Poll Vote on your favorite line from Plan 9 From Outer Space.
* Mistakes A comprehensive list of practically every mistake in Plan 9. Read this only if you have some time to spare.
* Reviews See what the critics are saying about Plan 9. This is pretty funny.
* Pics Come see our new pics page!
* Buy the movie. Don't say we didn't warn you.
* Links Our brand-spankin' new links page is up, so check it out!

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